Vaccination Status Management

WorkPro Gives Vaccination Status Management A Boost In Australia

Statistics show that 94.2% of the Australian population aged 16 and over have received their first two doses of the Covid-19 vaccination, and 36% have received their 3rd dose of ‘first booster’. As states have reopened and workers have returned to their place of work over the last few months, the spotlight has turned to how businesses will be taking care of their workforce’s vaccination status management to ensure they’re up to date and compliant.

Vaccination Status Management:

Melbourne based workforce compliance wizards WorkPro launched their Vaccination Status Management function in October and since then, over 50,000 candidates have verified their vaccination details within the WorkPro portal. “Our aim was to provide customers with an easy to implement solution that made vaccination status management stress free. Looking at the numbers, it certainly seems that we’ve achieved that’ commented WorkPro CEO Tania Evans.

“With rules and restrictions constantly being updated, it can be really hard for businesses to keep up with the crucial information they need to keep their workforce both safe and compliant,” notes Evans “We’ve been carefully monitoring the Covid-19 vaccination situation and health advice as it becomes available and ensured that any changes or updates are reflected in the service.”

Vaccination Status Management
WorkPro Gives Vaccination Status Management A Boost In Australia

Interested to see how easy it is to use WorkPro’s Vaccination Status Management to keep your workforce compliant? Check out this informative video with WorkPro CEO Tania Evans demonstrating how it works.

WorkPro recently rolled out a brand-new update to their Vaccination Status Management service which includes the ability for candidates to verify their third dose/booster.

Here’s a little lowdown of the finer details of the update:

  • Send a candidate request inviting them to provide vaccination details, along with an Exemption Form or the Digital Certificate.
  • View the details, produce a date/time stamp verification certificate for audit purposes, and either retain or destroy the Digital Certificate to maintain privacy obligations.
  • The booster feature automates candidate emails in line with the State recommended timeframes, gently reminding them of their eligibility for the booster and encouraging them to log in to WorkPro to update their status and upload their latest Certificate. We’ll send three reminders and send you a weekly report showing the candidates that have updated their vaccination information.  


Based in the heart of Melbourne, WorkPro has been assisting Australian businesses manage their workforce compliance for 15 years. With background checks, police check, medical checks, safety eLearning, reference checks and a clever licence and document management function all available within the one handy platform, WorkPro enables organisations to quickly curate a suitable screening, onboarding and induction program for any industry and candidate, utilising all of the fundamental and crucial compliance elements.

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