Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners – An Instant Global Hit

The market is full of air fresheners such as aerosol sprays, timed delivery aerosols, candles, and perfume oils to scent your home. You will also find scents infused in gels, plastics, and papers which can be hung anywhere and create an instant mood lift. 

However, some air fresheners may also pose health risks if not blended safely using the proper materials during the manufacturing process (which can lead them to being flammable, toxic, or both. In addition, secondary pollutants can be caused when the chemicals in such products react with the atmosphere.

The problem with these products is that they can enter your body through the skin or inhalation. If you inhale them, they can be toxic and settle quickly onto surfaces with a high chance of transferring to other items in close proximity. 

Air fresheners eliminate odor in cars, homes, and offices but can cause damage if not used properly. Even hanging air fresheners can cause damage to the vinyl, plastic, and leather interior of cars if not used as directed.

Flammable air freshener pumps and aerosol sprays can catch fire and cause burns if a nearby flame ignites them. They may also cause skin and eye irritation, redness, or itching if they make contact with skin or eyes, and some even have trouble breathing. Many of these symptoms go away in a while, but there is no guarantee that they will not keep happening. These issues can get even more severe in a household with children or the elderly.

Mobley Products Inc. Transformed The Air Freshener Industry

David Mobley is recognized as the founder of Mobley Products, Inc. and, later, Wonder Wafers International. He was born on October 22, 1953, in Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex in Texas, USA. The first product introduced by Mobley Products, Inc. back in 1980 before becoming Wonder Wafers International was the first of its kind, non-flammable/non-toxic 2 oz. Pump Spray Air Freshener.

This retail air freshener was an instant worldwide hit. Soon afterward and with the addition of their One Gallon Container and their Five Gallon Pail, containing the same non-flammable/non-toxic air freshener blend as their 2 oz. Pump Spray Air Fresheners, Mobley Products, Inc. was now set and ready to conquer the air freshener industry that severely needed what Mobley Products, Inc. was currently offering.

Their next launch in 1984 was a ‘first of its kind’ ultra-concentrated air freshener called Insta-Scent, a never-before-seen fully concentrated version of Mobley’s non-flammable/non-toxic ready-to-use blend used in the company’s 2 oz. Pump Spray and Bulk containers.

Mobley Products quickly transformed the entire air freshener industry upside down and inside out by introducing all of their “firsts.” In less than five years, they designed an extensive line of air freshener selections that Mobley was constantly perfecting and expanding during this most exciting time.

Next Came Wonder Wafers – A Worldwide Phenomenon

Around 1995, with the growing concerns about conventional air fresheners, Mobley Products researched and developed an all-new and never seen before air freshener that would be the safest and most cost-effective air freshener on the planet! 

Along with his team, Mobley spent five years of research and multiple trials and errors to develop their flagship product. After much thought, the name of this revolutionary and never seen before air freshener became Wonder Wafers, another major ‘first’ for the company. It forever changed how air fresheners were used, marketed, and sold. 

Within the first few months of its introduction, Wonder Wafers became a true overnight sensation. After a year of its introduction, Mobley Products changed the name of its company to Wonder Wafers International. They are now the preferred air freshener chosen by many industries around the globe. Their popularity can be demonstrated by the fact that over ONE BILLION Wonder Wafers have been sold since they first hit the market.

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