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Windows and Doors Courtice Replacement: The Cost of Exterior Door Installation

Many factors determine the cost of windows and doors Courtice. For instance, the type of front door you buy depends on your budget. These doors are available in different materials and styles, each contributing to the installation fee. However, although they are not cheap, front doors increase the home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, and security which are essential to the home. 

The average cost of front door installation is $1000. The standard replacement windows and doors Courtice are cheaper. The door could cost between $150 and $600, without installation costs and hardware. Other door styles are more expensive than the rest. For example, you could pay between $50 and $200 more for a pre-hung door more than a slab. Here is the cost breakdown of these doors. 

1. Installation Price For Back Doors

Back doors are also essential to the house because they lead to the patios, but they are not the first to be seen by visitors. The price of these doors ranges between $300 and 1200. They are cheaper than the front doors because they don’t need to be aesthetic. Besides, they rarely come with additions like transoms and sidelights. 

2. Labor Costs

When budgeting, ensure you put money aside to pay the windows and doors Courtice installer. They charge differently depending on the door material, style and size, and the number of doors you are installing. On average, installers charge about $70 per hour for the service, and it could take about 3 hours for front door installation. However, it takes longer to install a slab door because of the frame installation first. 

3. Installation Cost Depending On The Type

a. Double Door

Double doors require bigger entryways for installation because of their size. These doors cost between $700 and $5000, depending on the material and size. The installation cost is also high, with one entry costing up to $1000. Steel and composite double doors without transoms or sidelights are the cheapest to install, while wood and fiberglass double doors are expensive. 

b. Storm Doors

People living in harsh climatic regions need storm doors to protect their main entrance. They cost about $100 to $550, with an additional labor installation cost of $150. The storm doors are also available in various materials, and they increase energy efficiency and the longevity of your front door. 

c. Fire Rated Doors

You could pay between $100 and $500 for fire-rated doors, with an installation fee of about $800. Some states require you to have fire-rated doors, so homeowners mostly install them to conform to the building rules. They have hard hardware, and they close and open automatically. Fire doors are also connected to the home alarm system. 

d. Patio Doors

If you have a garden on the other side of the house, you need a patio door to lead you there. They are less costly, ranging between $300 and $4000. Most installers quote $500 to $1000 to install patio doors. They are available in different designs and styles, and you can also get them in various materials. Ensure your patio door is sturdy because it is also operated as often as the front door. 

e. Sliding Glass Doors

The average cost of a sliding glass door is $2500, with an additional $300 for installation. These doors are more modern, and they differ in size, so their cost ranges. Most homeowners also choose sliding doors as their patio doors because they are easy to operate and take up very little space. 

f. French Doors

French doors are also a standard door style whose prices range between $400 and $4000. You could pay up to $1000 for installing a French door. These doors are available in a variety of designs. You can buy a single or double French door, depending on your preference and the size of the entryway. 

g. Basement Doors

Basement doors are expensive because of the materials and size. On average, a basement door costs between $2500 and $10000. Other factors that affect its costs are;

a. Digging And Cutting

The installer ensures that the exterior door is on the same level as the basement door’s bottom. 

b. Frames

The windows and doors Courtice frames cost differently, ranging between $350 and $800. Ensure you choose suitable materials. Most of these doors use patio door materials that cost between $500 and $4500.

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