Why You Should Ditch Your Paying Slabs

Traditionally, paving slabs have been the best way to create outdoor flooring in your garden. However, there are a couple of major downsides when it comes to paving slabs.

When you next refurbish your garden, using other forms of outdoor flooring could be the right choice for you.

The Downside Of Paving

Paving your garden with stone or concrete slabs has been the way to go for many years. Gradually, we are beginning to think about our gardens in a different way.

Most of us are starting to see our gardens as “garden rooms.” We want our gardens to feel like part of the home. Modern gardens are used for entertaining, not only growing plants in.

Paving does look nice, but there are some major downsides:

  • Upkeep – you need to work pretty hard to make sure your paving slabs look good.
  • Weeding – weeds often pop up in between paving slabs.
  • Cracking – pavements slabs often crack and need to be replaced.
  • Hard to keep clean – you need to clean pavement slabs at least once a week.
  • Can be hazardous – rain and water make pavement slabs slippery.
  • Not cost-effective – paving is often expensive to replace.

What Are The Alternatives?

The best alternatives to paved outdoor flooring are vinyl flooring and decking. Which one is right for your garden?

When you have young children, vinyl outdoor flooring is one of the best alternatives to regular paving. As we all know, children often spill or drop things. Just like your kitchen floor, vinyl flooring is easy to wipe clean. You don’t have to use a hose pipe. Instead, you can mop it as you do with your kitchen or bathroom floor.

What about decking? Decking is another alternative you should consider. High quality decking does not chip or splinter. New decking systems are being developed all of the time. Many of them are easy to fit.

Look after decking according to the manufacturer’s instructions and it will last for a long time. Decking is a great way to go when your family is a bit older.

Young families often need something that is easy to keep clean and does not require a lot of maintenance. For families, the best choice is vinyl as it is more practical.

What About Pool and Wet Areas In The Garden?

Both decking and vinyl flooring can be used around swimming pools and other wet areas. Vinyl flooring is perhaps a better fit around swimming pools.

Decking is right at home in the area of your jacuzzi or hot tub. It can really set off your hot tub. Also, it looks nice installed in the proximity of a garden pond. Perhaps you want to sit out and enjoy all of the activity in the pond such as fish and dragonflies.

Should you try to install outdoor flooring yourself? By all means you can. Having someone professional install your decking or vinyl flooring is often a better idea. They have professional experience and you can get on with enjoying your new-look garden much faster.

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