Why You Should Choose Elementor

You used to have to know how to code to create a good WordPress website.

The key words here are used to.

With Elementor, you can create dynamic WordPress websites without having to write a single line of code.

And you can do so without spending a dime.

Elementor: A Brief Rundown

One of the world’s most popular premier drag-and-drop builders, Elementor empowers web creators to design the perfect WordPress websites. Those looking to create an online store can leverage its ecommerce website builder features, as well. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though.

Elementor offers countless design options and dozens of pre-built content widgets; Buttons, forms, sliders and pricing tables – you’ll find them all on Elementor.

Core features 

Drag and drop editor

Elementor’s editor is a dynamic, intuitive environment in which web creators can build and update landing pages, blogs and other pages.

Here’s what it looks like:

On the left, you’ll see the widget panel. Offering more than 90 dynamic widgets and 300+ templates, Elementor empowers you to turn your dream website into a reality. Here’s where you see to it that your website is completely responsive, and where you design every graphic element of your site.


WordPress’ premier ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce is used by millions of SMB owners and online store runners; and, Elementor is the ideal solution for those looking to build an e-commerce store powered by WooCommerce. 

You can leverage Elementor’s drag-and-drop interface to design your single product page templates and your shop archive pages (the pages that list all of your products or the products in a certain category).

Elementor offers more than 20 widgets dedicated to ecommerce functionality, including ‘Custom Add To Page’, ‘Product Rating’ ‘Product Breadcrumbs’ and many more.

Workflow optimization 

Elementor Pro’s Global Settings feature helps you create and manage your site’s own design system so that you can ensure consistency across your entire site and speed up your workflows.

Whenever you create a new design, it will automatically inherit its settings from your Global Settings. In the event that you tinker with your Global Settings, those changes will automatically apply across your entire site.

Of course, you’re never locked in. With Elementor, you always have the option to fully customize a design on a page-by-page basis. However, with Global Settings you can ensure that your default designs look exactly the way that you want them to and are consistent across your site.

Lead capturing 

There’s a reason businesses are so keen on getting prospects to land on their website. Once there, visitors can be met with a variety of marketing material (e.g. popups and CTAs) that, if effective, lead to this ultimate goal:


Elementor offers powerful features geared towards lead capturing and other marketing objectives:

  • Features such as fully customizable forms and smart popups enable site owners to considerably grow their audience. 
  • Elementor users can leverage customizable templates and set triggers to target their visitors at the right moment. 

Elementor also integrates with all your other powerful marketing tools, so you can engage with your customers on all fronts.

Full Site Kits

Those looking to get up and running with a WordPress website with a minimal amount of hassle, can use one of Elementor’s Full SIte Kits. Designer-made and visually stunning, Kits are complete websites that users can quickly and effortlessly customize to fit their needs. 

All that’s left is to click Publish and….Voila, you’re up and running with a complete website!

Kits eliminate the need to tackle each page component (e.g. header, footer, color palettes) individually.

The true power of this feature, however, lies in its replicability:

Templates, content, site settings, header, footer, 404 error page, pop-ups, color scheme, fonts, theme style, and landing pages; all the website attributes are packaged into a single kit for more convenient implementation.

How much does Elementor cost?

Elementor includes both free and paid versions.

The core Elementor plugin is 100% free and available at WordPress.org.

If you want to add more advanced features and capabilities, you can opt for Elementor Pro, which starts at just $49 per year.
You can view the full pricing details here:

Try Elementor Today!

Web creators no longer have to compromise on their dream of a WordPress website even when they have less than stellar coding chops. Elementor, boasting a dynamic, intuitive user interface, can be leveraged towards creating your dream site by just about anyone.

If you’re ready to get started with Elementor on your WordPress site, and join a community of more than 8 million professionals leveraging the website builder’s powerful features, go ahead and install the free version from WordPress.org today.

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