Why Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn Is Known as Future

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn was born on the 20th November 1983 in the town of Atlanta in the US state of Georgia. Little did anyone associated with him know at the time that he will grow up to be one of the most renowned and popular rap artists in the US. Today he is known by his stage name Future by almost every rap and hip hop fan around the world, his music career having made him an impressive 40$ million Future net worth.

However, Future’s life was not always this easy or glamorous. That is probably what is behind his work-driven way of life at present. He has seen the struggles and tribulations of a broken and not ideal life and family. So, he’s trying to achieve his aspired level of life on his own through his music’s help and company.

While the number of albums of Future is not yet staggering, he has released an extensive number of mixtapes and done countless guest appearances and collaborations over a decade of his career. Most of those have been huge hits earning Future a distinguished name and reputation in the music industry.

Early Life

Future’s early life was not favourable or a good childhood for a kid. His father left when he was very young and he has been quoted as saying that his father never signed his birth certificate. His mother tried but she had her shortcomings too. She used to leave him with a great aunt while she would be at work.

The drug epidemic in the town of Atlanta was on peak those days and his aunts and uncles were hooked. Future has recalled that he kind of grew up around all that stuff and used to think that’s just how things were. He also used to visit one of his uncles in prison.

He was attracted to music from an early age. However, his childhood, company and influences proved to be hindrances at first and he suffered a setback after initially performing with the musical collective group called The Dungeon. Still did not seem like he would one day be capable of establishing a striking 40$ million of Future net worth.

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  • Why Is Nayvadius Wilburn Called the Future?

Future managed to rise to success and fame by dedicating himself to a work-driven and passionate pattern of music-making while deciding to carry on with his stage name “The Future” which was given to him as a nickname during his days with The Dungeon musical collective group. He has stated that his wanting to carry on with that stage name, in particular, is because of it having a cool ring to it and him liking it. Although, the meaning conveyed of the future of music is quite a rad one too.

Other Names

Future also has a couple of other nicknames like The Wizard that was given to him by an uncle because he seemed to have answers for everything that eventually led him to build the extensive Future net worth. He uses an alter ego of Ceaser Lee in some of his songs who he describes as a charmer. He was also sometimes called Meathead because of his drug use and jock tendencies. Don’t miss to visit https://prontopizzaandrestaurant.com/

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