Why Massage Guns Are In This Holiday

Why Massage Guns Are In This Holiday

Massage guns have quickly become an essential tool for devotees of the gym or anyone who works out on a regular basis. These powerful massage tools can provide a deep massage to the tissues and can be self-applied before or after workouts.

The Perfect Gift For Anyone Who Loves Fitness

Massage guns were introduced in the past few years as a better way to achieve deep tissue massage without the aid of a masseuse. The first models of percussion therapy guns were extremely effective at promoting healing, flexibility, and improving blood flow to key tissues pre and post-workout. The price tag for them was steep for some, and soon, smaller, more affordable models were introduced – making the percussion therapy gun even more popular. 

Ideally, a full body massage that stimulates lymph distribution and drainage, as well as invigorates blood flow should be performed regularly, especially on people who are very physically active. The cost of regular massage therapy is out of most people’s reach; the massage gun, however, is easily self-applied, can be effectively performed in a short period of time, and provides all of the benefits of a massage.

Massage Guns For Many Budgets

As they grow in popularity with gym-goers, mini percussive massage guns have come on the market for the lowest price to date. Other sizes are available, with the largest models being the highest priced.

Chronic Pain and Deep Tissue Massage

A massage gun is a great gift for anyone who suffers from chronic pain, as well. The effective massage provided by the powerful motor is easy to use, with an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold onto. If you know anyone who suffers from arthritis, or other chronic pain such as back pain, headaches, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, or neuropathy, the benefits of a massage gun could bring them amazing pain relief. Issues with circulation, such as chronic swelling to the lower legs, would benefit from regular deep tissue massage. 

A Great Gift For The Whole Family

Theragun brand massagers are built of tough, solid construction that will last for years. If you have children active in sports, a massage gun is a good tool to have around for minor sports related injuries. Give your spouse the best massage they ever had with a percussive massage to the knots in their shoulders and back. The penetrative, repetitive kneading will release even the toughest knots in the muscles, the kind that is caused by day to day wear and tear from work and chores around the house. 

Give the Gift of Pain Relief

No matter if you are a fitness fanatic, if you suffer from chronic pain, if you enjoy a massage, or if you think your whole family would benefit from a percussive massager, it is a wonderful and unique gift for someone you love. This is an amazing tool for better health, keeping muscles loosened up, blood flow vigorous, and helping to reduce any areas of swelling. 

If you have a loved one who is disabled, in elder care, and bedridden, or confined to a wheelchair, this massager will help increase circulation and help to avoid any alterations forming on pressure points. Avoid contractions to the extremities caused by decreased mobility by performing regular deep tissue massage to the affected connective tissue and muscles, followed by range of motion exercises. 

A multitude of musculoskeletal issues can benefit from regular, deep massage of the tissues to stimulate blood flow and loosen stiff areas in the muscles and joints. The application of this type of massage is easy and only takes a few minutes to see results. One of the best gifts you can give this holiday is a massage gun.

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