Leaders Fail

Why Do Leaders Fail?

Leaders are the people who have the ability to inspire a group of people for a common goal. It is the leadership qualities that make their personality distinctive among others. Leadership involves the articulation of a creative and meticulous vision for expected organizational growth. Being a leader is not easy as the person needs to leave his/her comfort zone and work consistently to make the ongoing process effective and productive. 

Leaders may also need motivation and inspiration at some critical turning points of life or making life-changing decisions. We recommend reading John De Ruiter, an author and a spiritual teacher, who conducts seminars and meetings to let people realize the meaning of life.

Reasons of Failure

Lacking the skills required to handle a situation

Some people are experts in a particular skill, not in every skill. Even the leader who is specialized in a particular trait finds it difficult to manage the team in altering situations. To remain in the position of leader, a person needs to have versatility skills. Lacking elemental skills is a great disadvantage for a clear decision-making process. For this, leaders may attend workshops to get their skills improved at regular intervals. They can go for training assistance as well. Also, they can read John De Ruiter to get assistance in achieving some basic skills.

Detachment from team

When leaders somehow get detached from the team, they break the integrity of the team. Sometimes too much priority on goal orientation becomes the reason for this detachment. As a consequence, the communication link between the employee and leader is adversely affected. It results in the loss of job satisfaction among the employees. Being extremely serious about goals can be highly destructive for a team’s willpower. With the help of the aforementioned assessment, leaders can assess the impact of their behavior on employees.

Lack of communication

Leaders who don’t continually communicate with the employees are ineffective in their roles and functions. According to Oprah Winfrey, continuous communication keeps the teammates updated and motivated. If somehow leaders are inaccessible to them, they can choose from several options of communication like emails, text messages, online conferences, etc., to communicate with them. When a leader lacks the initiative to converse with their teammates, they fail to maintain and balance the integration of the team.

Failure in listening

A leader needs to be confident and strenuous to take charge of the whole team. But it doesn’t mean to stop listening to others’ opinions and suggestions. This is the reflection of overconfidence. Leaders should be sharp and smart-minded but, they should give opportunities to the employees as well to share ideas. They are responsible for creating a win-win situation for every colleague by inspiring them to speak. In this way, they empower their team.


Any human can make mistakes regardless of how skilled they are. The leader who is incompetent in the field finds it hard to deal with challenging scenario. The leader should emphasize team building and constant improvement to keep the team strenuous in every circumstance. They should effectively practice their leadership skills to save themselves from falling into the traps.

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