Why choose a Lab-grown diamond over earthy ones?

As crazy as it sounds, many of our favourite goods result from cheap labour in third-world countries and environmental pollution! The people responsible for your little joys get only a pittance and suffer greatly. They fail to afford even the bare minimum for themselves and their families at the end of the day!
And sadly, the diamond jewellery set you have sitting in a dark corner of your closet might come under this category! It is the truth, whether you like it or not! As the saying goes, ‘One man’s pleasure is another man’s pain’, which is fitting for this scenario- diamonds may be the joy people crave, but to those who suffered, it is a dark reminder of what they lost for the benefit of those better off than them! Feel guilty about contributing to the situation that is destroying so many innocent lives? You can switch to a much better alternative in the form of Lab Grown Diamonds, which you can get at New World Diamonds. Every raw stone has to go through a specific procedure that gives the diamond its final form with care!
Here are reasons why Lab Made Diamonds of New World Diamonds are better than the one’s found in nature: 

  1. Manufactured rather than workforce: You might not know, but most diamonds come from third-world countries like Africa, where the ones in charge task the miners with finding them through high-risk procedures that are harmful to their bodies, resulting in long-lasting health problems that might be irreversible, which can lead to these people having shortened lives! The miners are not paid enough for their troubles, which prevents them from gaining access to proper medical care!
    But Lab Made Diamonds are at a completely different level, even when it comes to looks and perfection. As the name says, people create them in the labs of New World Diamonds through a unique process that requires little to no effort from the people in charge, giving rise to masterpieces as good as the real thing. The process is non-hazardous, sparing anyone in the area of health problems typically associated with any mining procedures. Our experts value creativity over mindless scavenging to solve any problem that the past experts caused for the sake of the things we cherish in life.
     2. They are eco-friendly: Lab Made Diamonds result from the utilisation of special machinery in spaces that are cut-off from areas inhabited by people, preventing unnecessary problems for those who do not want to be involved, unlike natural diamonds, which result from the mining methods utilised in third-world countries.
    Mining diamonds has led to an increase in atmospheric and air pollution, threatening the health of the inhabitants of these places and worsening the health of those with pre-existing ailments! Lab Made Diamonds are the best for the environment-conscious youth of today and those who care for the less privileged! 
     3. Good looks, low prices: At this point, every person might be aware that stone- artisans have to invest a great deal of effort into giving the precious diamonds their final forms. But sometimes, things go wrong, and interruptions happen, leading to accidental chipping that could ruin all the efforts! No interruptions can destroy the structure of Lab Made Diamonds, as the experts do the work through machines!

4. Colored diamonds are cheaper: Lab made diamonds are also available in different hues and shapes. Colored natural Diamonds are rare, especially yellow and pink hues. However, they are very popular. Especially yellow or pink diamond engagement ring, blue diamond statement ring and colored diamond pendants.
Plus, the prices are the dream of every person looking for a discount and wanting to offer their loved ones something they will remember them through! 
So, if affordable jewellery is your dream and you are sensitive to what happens around, New World Diamond’s lab made diamonds are the solution!

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