Where to Find the Highest Quality Maeng Da Kratom?

Maeng Da kratom is one of the most potent strains of all the Kratom. Most known for its medicinal properties, Maeng Da kratom has been shown to increase focus, enhance the memory and learning abilities, helps to overcome sluggishness, and much more. When the kratom is this potent you can get the desired results by only using a small dose.

The Maeng Da strain was originally found in Thailand, but now is readily available in Malaysia and Indonesia.

As the popularity of Maeng Da Kratom continues to skyrocket, it has become a challenge to find qualified trusted vendors online. To help with your search, we bring you this article highlighting the four best MD sellers who’re committed to providing premium quality Kratom at the best price.

Top 4 Maeng Da Kratom Online Sellers

1. Golden Monk 

Golden Monk, based in Las Vegas, is an AKA-approved vendor. The brand is known for selling the highest quality Maeng Da at reasonable prices. All of their 11 strains of Kratom are grown in Indonesia. Each strain goes through six different third-party testings as per the guidelines given from the AKA GMP program.

Golden Monk continues to win the hearts of Kratom enthusiasts by offering a 30-day refund guarantee policy for both opened and unopened packages. 

They are transparent in their dealings with customers; post lab test results on the website where you can see more details regarding its testing procedures.

Likewise, their customer service team is highly enthusiastic; guarantees a discreet shipping policy so you can keep your package safe from others. Moreover, they offer free shipping on orders worth above $49.99. For each dollar spent on goods, you get the advantage of the redeemable points you earned through the loyalty program.

Global News Wire nominated GoldenMonk as Most Popular Kratom Vendor 2022.


• $39.99 for 250g powder

• $69.99 for 500g powder

• $89.99 for 1000g powder

Aside from all the advantages mentioned above, what separates Golden Monk from other vendors is that you are going to get the best kratom for the cheapest price.

2. Kraken Kratom 

Kraken Kratom is a family-owned business operating in Portland, Oregon, since 2014. They specialize in selling all-natural premium quality Maeng Da and have become well-reputed in the kratom industry. You can get 15 kratom powder strains, 13 types of kratom capsules, 21 other kratom extracts, kratom pre-workout, and post-workout powder.

Their stringent testing procedures (testing for microbes and heavy metals) meet US Pharmacopeia standards.

What is worth considering is that Kraken Kratom was one of the first kratom companies to be acknowledged as an AKA GMP certified vendor. This demonstrates their hard work to legitimize Kratom in an industry full of challenges. 

They offer a 30-day return policy on unopened sealed products. One good reason to order Maeng Da from this brand is their best assortment of merchandise at reasonable rates. However, they only offer store credit.


• $9.99 for 28g powder

• $17.60 for 56g powder

• $63.99 for 225g powder

• $127.99 for 455g powder

Apart from providing the highest quality Maeng Da, their consumer service and community engagement are also appreciated.

 3. Phytoextractum 

Phytoextractum is committed to bringing you the highest quality Maeng Da kratom strain – lab tested for contaminants and compliance with the AKA GMP program.

Moreover, they sell one of the best kratom accessories you’ve been searching for so long. Apart from selling scales and incense, they sell books explaining the legal battle surrounding the kratom plant. Also, you’ll be glad to know that Phytoextractum offers tea accessories to help its customers with specific preparation methods.

They test strains for pathogens, heavy metals, as well as mold, and yeast. Likewise, they also ensure that the alkaloid levels present in products are adequate, and you will only get premium quality that eases your problems.

Currently, Phytoextractum stocks over 18 different kinds of strains and many different capsules. You can get free same-day shipping; however, conditions applied.

FREE Priority Mail for orders above $75!

FREE UPS Next Day Air Saver for orders above $150!

Bottom of Form


• $9.98 for 28g powder

• $17.98 for 56g powder

• $31.38 for 112g powder

• $62.98 for 225g powder

Phytoextractum also offers a gift with free shipping when your order reaches $200. Moreover, they offer a 30-day return policy on unopened packages. However, they reserve the right to cancel the return if misuse or wrong claim is suspected. Top of For

4. Kratom Spot

Kratom Spot offers you the cheapest Maeng Da Kratom from around the world. They source all strains (red, white, and green) from the most sustainable fair-trade farms. Every harvest is independently tested for purity and potency to guarantee the quality of Kratom. The processing and packaging comply with GMP standard guidelines.

With Kratom Spot, you can explore a massive inventory of industry-leading products such as kratom powders, powerful kratom extracts, tasty kratom shots, gelatin-free kratom capsules, and loose-leaf Kratom.

Furthermore, they provide you with all of the kratom accessories like tea infusers, capsule filling machines, etc.; you need to make your experience comfortable.


1 pound for $127.49

1oz (28g) for $11.24

2oz (56g) for $22.49

4oz (112g) $41.24

8oz (224g) for $74.99

Apart from selling premium quality goods, Kratom Spot provides impeccable customer support, a money-back guarantee, and free shipping on orders $50 or more.

Final Thoughts: What’s The Best Place to Buy Maeng Da Kratom?

The above-mentioned top Maeng Da sellers’ selection is based on quality products, low pricing, good customer service, and other given factors.

It might seem a tough decision to purchase Kratom from any of these sellers, but as a customer, you should visit their website and weigh the pros and cons of buying from each of them. This research will help you make a conscious and informed decision.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Where is Kratom legal?

What is the kratom plant?

Kratom is a plant that is in the same family as coffee. It is native to SouthEast Asia and has been in use for thousands of years for its stimulating effects that help fight worker fatigue. It has also been used traditionally in Buddhist rituals. A kratom high is similar in effect to coffee but much more powerful and much more euphoric.

What is the best kratom for opiate withdrawal?

Anything red-veined but especially red Maeng Da kratom is considered the most potent strain of kratom and valuable for anyone battling addiction. Golden Monk is credited as having the most potent strain of red Maeng Da kratom on the market. Check here for a list of recommended vendors.

What is the proper dosage for kratom, and what effects are to be expected?

Dosage depends on what type of effect you are looking for and what kind of kratom you are using. If you are using regular kratom powder, then 1 to 5 grams is the desired dosage for a mild stimulant-like effect. 5 to 15 grams for pain relief and an opiate-like high. 15 gram + for sedation. It’s important to remember that with increased dosage comes increased chances.

Is kratom an opiate?

Technically kratom is not an opiate but the compounds within kratom are so close to an opiate that many people refer to the alkaloids within kratom as opiates because of how it affects the brain.

What are kratom extracts?

Kratom extracts are made by concentrating kratom into a smaller, more potent forum. They often remove the opiate antagonist in kratom, increasing the risk of getting sick from overdose.

What are the different strains of kratom? Green-veined, Red-veined, and White-veined?

There are many different strains of kratom, but the big three are red-veined (pain relief), green-veined (stimulation), and white veined (balance).

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