Time to Hire DUI Attorneys

When It’s Time to Hire DUI Attorneys and What to Look for When You Do

Millions of people drive under the influence every year. Many of these people are arrested for their actions.

If you’re caught having had a drink or have been under the influence of any sort while behind the wheel, chances are, you’ll want an attorney by your side.

Great DUI attorneys are charged with the responsibility of ensuring your innocence is defended if you’re not guilty of charges being leveraged against you. Even if you are guilty, a DUI attorney will ensure that the punishment you receive fits the crime and that the authorities legally conduct themselves when managing your case.

Are you unsure of when it’s time to hire an attorney and what to look for when you do? Below, we share tips on when to pick up the phone and who you should call.

Call a DUI Attorney the Moment You’re Arrested

The question of when you should hire DUI attorneys to manage your case is a simple one. In our opinion, the second you’re pulled from your vehicle and booked for driving under the influence, you should hire a lawyer.

A lawyer at this stage can ensure that you know how the bail process works so you can get out of jail quickly. Furthermore, the sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner they can start collecting fresh evidence surrounding your case which they’ll use to defend your position in court later.

When Punitive Actions Are Taken Against You

In a perfect world, you should hire an attorney well before punitive actions are taken against you. If you delay though and find yourself with a breathalyzer hooked into your vehicle or facing down tens of thousands of dollars in fines, call a lawyer.

While it may be hard for a lawyer to help you at this point in your case, they may be able to reduce the degree of punishment that you’ve been subjected to.

If You Fear for Your Livelihood

If you think that your work situation could be adversely affected by your DUI, call a lawyer. They can help to get your DUI hearing fast-tracked and the event as a whole behind you, fast.

The quicker you can get your DUI settled, the less likely your case will interfere with your professional life.

When Your Innocence Needs to Be Fought For

Not everyone that gets arrested for a DUI is over the legal limit. There are a lot of flaws that can happen during street tests which may produce false positives, essentially ruining people’s lives for doing nothing.

For those of you that are certain of your innocence, it’s even more imperative to hire a DUI attorney to fight for you. Your attorney can make sure that the flaws that got you in your precarious situation are brought to light and damages can be attained for the inconvenience of being falsely charged.

What to Look for in a DUI Lawyer

You now know when it’s time to call DUI attorneys. But whose number should you ring when you make that call?

Here are four qualities to look for in an attorney you’re considering.


The more years your DUI attorney has been in business, the more adept they’ll be at fighting your case.

There are a lot of intricacies when it comes to DUI law and these intricacies vary by state. With experience comes the ability to master those details and ultimately, get clients the best possible results per local legal statutes.

A Focus of DUI Cases

While a lawyer that practices DUI cases in conjunction with other types of cases (dog bites, divorce, etc.) isn’t necessarily a bad lawyer, the more focused an attorney is on DUI cases, the better.

Some legal minds have dedicated their whole careers to fighting for DUI innocence. Chances are, these people will have more wisdom to shed on your case and will be able to move it along more quickly than a lawyer that only practices DUI cases part-time.

Reasonable Cost

A DUI lawyer isn’t like personal injury lawyers that work on contingency. These lawyers will require cash for their services up-front and likely after your case is done being fought.

Therein lies the purpose of inquiring about lawyer fee structures before bringing them on. Different lawyers may have very different rates so by asking the right questions, you can ensure that hiring legal council won’t leave you bankrupt.

Outstanding Word of Mouth

You should check online reviews for lawyers you’re considering the same way you’d check online reviews for restaurants you’re going to visit. So, head over to Google or Yelp and see what information you can dig up on attorneys in your area.

If an attorney you’re considering has 4-stars or more and 10+ reviews, they’re worth engaging.

DUI Attorneys Can Preserve the Quality of Your Life

The prospect of being charged with a DUI is a scary one. What’s even scarier is the possibility of those charges costing you your savings, your job, and your freedom.

DUI attorneys work to mitigate the potential fallout from DUI cases so you can get past this potentially defining moment in your life with as little damage as possible. Hire one as soon as you can, pick a lawyer that seems like a great fit for you, and move forward with confidence!

Are you curious to know more about DUI lawyers and the value they bring? If so, check out additional content on our blog.

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