What To Consider When Buying Pre-Rolls

What To Consider When Buying Pre-Rolls

The convenience of getting pre-rolled joints out of this world. But bad quality can kill your joy. There is a wide range of quality and ingredients of pre-rolled joints. Learning to roll joints at home is time-consuming and needs a lot of practice. Though there are many ways to take cannabis, a joint is quite classy.

Smoking a joint as you breathe in flavored smoke is mind-blowing. Smoking is the oldest and most preferable way of taking cannabis. As said earlier, rolling a joint is relatively tricky for novices. You might end up rolling an unevenly spread joint that burns quickly. For convenience and good quality, many cannabis users are inclined to pre rolled joints.

So, how can you ensure that you are investing your money into a quality product? This article will look at how you can tell the quality of a pre-roll at the counter.

Feel the Pre-Roll

The feel of the pre roll can help you know the quality you are about to buy. Besides examining the quality of a pre roll through appearance, you can move your fingers up and down to get a gentle feeling of what’s inside. A well-rolled joint should feel evenly packed from the bottom to the top. Additionally, it should feel tight and shouldn’t have a vacuum inside.

A loose, unevenly packed joint extinguishes mid smoke. If the joint is too loose, the cherry may fall out, and in the end, you will have lost a significant amount of cannabis.

While feeling your joint, you should pay keen attention to poking stems. Well, weed is supposed to have some stems in it, but reputable companies try to remove these stems as much as they can. If you can feel many stems, that’s an indication that the product’s producer didn’t do a thorough job.

Check Appearance Of the Pre-Roll

You can learn much about the quality of a pre roll through observation. Can you see indentation or creases in the paper? Does the pre roll look like it was prepared by a professional with vast experience, or does it look like it was made in a hurry? Is the size of pre rolls of the same brand uniform?

The appearance of a pre roll tells a lot about what is inside. If the paper of a pre roll has creased or appears lumpy, that’s a warning sign that what’s inside may not have been pretreated properly.

Ask the budtender to show you multiple pre rolls from the same company. If there is a significant variance in the length and density of the rolls, that’s a red flag.

The Aroma

You can gauge the freshness of a joint through smell. Hold the joint under your nose and take a deep inhale. A high-quality product should have a pungent smell and full terpenes.

Besides, you can take a dry puff. Put the end of the joint in your lips as if you are smoking and take a short pull. Through smell, you should get a rough idea of the taste of cannabis inside. If you don’t like the flavor inside, then don’t purchase the pre roll.

The Packaging of The Pre-Roll

In the food and bioproduct industry, light and oxygen are the greatest enemies. These two elements increase the degradation speed of products, and cannabis is no exception. A properly rolled joint should be airtight and placed away from light. That explains why joints are often placed in a tube inside a box. To get pre rolls of the right flavor, freshness, and potency, ensure you only buy a sealed product.

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