What Should You Do If a Car Running a Red Light Hits Your Dear One?

Most American states, including California, witness a profuse number of traffic violations every day. Common reasons include sudden lane changes, reckless or drunken driving, and speeding. However, red light traffic signal disobey is a significant concern as it can impact anyone, such as pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers, with damaging injuries or death. Interestingly, red light traffic collisions are also highly preventable if people care for others’ safety. They commit this accident in a hurry to cross the intersection when the light is still yellow. Sometimes, a driver’s inability to yield to traffic from the other side or pull brakes at the right time causes trouble. 

Nevertheless, accident is bound to happen whenever someone ignores traffic rules and other healthy driving conditions. Often, victims pay a heavy price for being on the receiving end. Do you know someone who is suffering due to a red light running? Please talk to one of the reputable auto accident injury lawyers for support. Here are some details regarding these types of road accidents to help you take proper action on time.

Causes of red-light violation

The traffic light rules are almost the same everywhere, indicating cars to stop when it is red. Still, drivers ignore this to cross the intersection before the yellow light gives way to the red. Sometimes, drivers continue at red and turn on their right. Other cases occur when one car closely follows the other at an intersection. But why does this happen? It can be intentional or negligent. Speeding, drunken driving, mobile phone use, distraction, malfunctions, aggressive driving, unskilled driving, and sleepiness can lead to these scenarios.

Liability for red light violation

You can prove an offense in these cases in two ways. It could be considered a negligence case if it is proven that the driver was negligent and failed to fulfill the duty of care towards others. After all, motorists must exercise a duty of care when operating a vehicle. When they run red lights, motorists disobey the judge-made law. Another option is to prove that it’s a case of negligence per se, as the driver violated a legislative-made law established to protect people under the statute. An innocent person or victim of a red-light traffic violation can file a lawsuit against the offender under the negligence per se doctrine. One only needs to prove damages and their direct link with the accident.

Damage claim for red light violation

In red-light car accidents, victims can claim compensation for various things, such as lost income due to absence from work caused by injury, medical care and treatment for healing, property damage, pain, suffering, and fatality. One can also claim damage for losing the ability to earn because of the effects of the accident.

Like any legal case, this car accident type also needs detailed probing to prove negligence and the other party’s fault. Evidence collection and timely filing of the claim can be a game changer. Too many formalities and trauma caused by car accidents can be challenging to balance. With a trusted lawyer by your side, you can focus on your rehabilitation and rest assured that the legal proceedings are happening per the timeline.

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