Introduction: Australia is one of the world’s most modern countries. It is well recognized for the attractions of its big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Apart from its places and beaches, Australia is also famous for its chocolate based cuisines. Australian people love chocolates this much that they included them in some of their famous cuisines like Tim-Tam and Lamington. Australia has not only evolved some best chocolate food items but they have also given birth to a famous chocolate brand goes by the name of Darrel Lea.

About Darrell Lea: Darrell Lea is an Australian firm that produces and distributes chocolates and liquorice. It was founded by Harry Lea in 1927.At present it is under the ownership of a private firm by the name of Quadrant Private Equity. Henry Lea was the owner of a confectionary at Perth in 1927 when he decided to manufacture his own chocolates and give it the name after his youngest son Darrell Lea.

Features of Darrell Lea:

  • Gently Cooked
  • Soft Texture
  • Fresh in taste
  • World famous moisture retained Liquorice

Darrell Lea Products:

DARRELL LEA DARK GINGER: Dark Ginger is a deliciously manufactured, soft and spicy dark chocolate. It contains real ginger pieces which are smothered in smooth Dark chocolate. Australian people can oder it online from Sweet As where a 200gm Package is cost around A$9.95.

DARRELL LEA “BATCH 37” FRESH LIQUORICE: This is something Darrell Lea is famous for. They are fat free, low in salt and no artificial flavours are used while making it. On Sweet As a 300gm bag costs A$4.95.

DARRELL LEA LIQUORICE ALLSORTS: All sorts is the famous colorful layered liquorice product.  It is a blend of dark Australian molasses and root extract of liquorice All this is delicately covered by delicious fondant colorful outer layers and a 210 gm bag costs A$4.50.

DARRELL LEA – BB’S CHOCOLATE ORANGE BALLS: Darrell Lea BB’s are the chocolate balls with orange flavor . BB stands for Bigger and Better. A 200g Bag costs A$4.50 if ordered through SweeT As.

DARRELL LEA – BB’S CHOC MINT BALLS: These are the big round  milk and chocolate balls which are coated of crispy and crunchy mint shell.  Making a whole Choctastic product. The 130g Bag of Darrell Lea- BB Choc Mint balls costs A$4.50 on Sweet As.

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