What Is Windsurfing Exactly?

Windsurfing is an outdoor water sport, which is essentially a mix of sailing and surfing combined. It evolved in the late 1970s in the surfing culture of California and is now known as “sailing” or “windsurfing.” As a popular leisure activity, windsurfing has developed its own set of rules and terminology, which sets it apart from other water sports. The International Windsurfing Association (IATA) and the United States Sailing Association (USSA) are the governing bodies for windsurfing in America. Additionally, there are many organizations and clubs around the world dedicated to the sport of windsurfing.

Freedom of Movement

The sport of windsurfing features some unique advantages over other water sports. One such advantage is the freedom of movement that windsurfing allows. Typically, windsurfing utilizes both the wind and the sails to propel the boat forward; this feature makes the sport uniquely suited to fitness pursuits. Windsurfing has the unique advantage of being a sport that requires very little technical skill, and almost anyone can begin to participate. In addition, with few requirements for equipment and minimal supervision, windsurfing offers a very low-cost alternative to other water sports, and the physical conditioning benefits from the sport make it well suited for people of all fitness levels.

Windsurfing and Sailing

The actual windsurfing action occurs when a sail is connected to the middle of a wheel with a chain. These links are referred to as tacking chains, and the windsurfer simply pushes the chain while in the water. A sail is used to help stabilize the wheel and to provide lateral support as the windsurfer moves in a forward and backward direction. A sail is usually held up by paddles attached to the rear of the windsurfer’s board. The use of sails and tacking chains makes windsurfing one of the easiest sports to get into and one of the most fun to watch. For enjoying this adventure sport you have to buy some safety and related products from a trusted store. You can buy online from some reputed stores like easy-surfshop.com.

Windsurfing differs from sailing in that windsurfing utilizes non-rigid, inflatable plastic foils called foils. These foils are not attached to the boards and thus do not obstruct the airflow over the boards. The foils allow windsurfers to control the resistance of their boards. These foils may be windsurfing boards or regular surfing boards, and they are used in competitions only. In an Olympic Class windsurfing competition, the windsurfing boards are the only watercraft permitted to use them.

Types of Boards

Windsurfers use two types of boards, depending on where they are located and what they will be doing. In warm climates, windsurfing ladders and boards are used. In colder climates, windsurfing boards with lead edges are used. These special edges allow sailors to surf in shallow water. The sport is comparable to surfing in its essence, since it involves maneuvering about in water that can often be much more turbulent than windsurfing on flat water.

Points to Consider

The key differences between windsurfing and sailing have to do with safety. In windsurfing, a novice sailor can quickly learn how to maneuver in space, much like he or she would in surfing. Beginners in sailing must first learn how to navigate their boats; this is done by taking a basic windsurfing lesson. Sailing lessons can be paid for or free at some local schools, or they can be given away for free through publications dedicated to the sport.

The sport of windsurfing, also known as windsurfing, was created in the late nineteen thirties by two Frenchmen, Andres Seaman and Alexandre Berton. They created the first windsurfing rigs, using non-watercraft materials such as hollow aluminum pipes filled with sand, foam and cotton. These rigs became the norm for nearly a century and remain the favored method of sailing in many parts of the world today. Although the methods are similar to those of sailing, windsurfing utilizes the physical motion of the water against the hull of the boat, which can add an entirely new level of thrill and adventure. Learning how to sail a boat is not required to participate in windsurfing, however sailors should know how to handle a sailboat before trying the sport. Windsurfers should wear wetsuits, usually white or blue, and the proper equipment for the sport should already be in place. If a beginner does happen to fall off the rig, he or she should be able to recover without assistance. Learning the basics of windsurfing before making the commitment to the sport can help the beginner to get started while still developing skills that will serve him or her well into the future.

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