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What is the most popular camping equipment?

With the rapid growth of economic level, China’s outdoor products industry presents a vigorous development trend. The huge market scale and broad development prospects have attracted international famous outdoor products enterprises to accelerate their influx into the Chinese market. With their strong capital, R & D, design and marketing strength, these international giants have increased their efforts to explore the Chinese market and seize more market share.In 2012, clothing products accounted for the largest market sales proportion in China’s outdoor products industry, reaching 47.55%, followed by outdoor leisure shoes, followed by backpacks. The sales of these three types of products accounted for nearly 90% of the annual sales of the whole industry.Well known outdoor brands from European and American developed countries have entered China. In 2012, there were 557 brands in China’s outdoor products market, an increase of 17% over the previous year, including 225 domestic brands and 332 international brands. In terms of market sales, in 2012, foreign brand sales accounted for 55% and domestic brand sales accounted for 45%.Tent: it is generally divided into three quarters, four seasons and high mountains. According to the number of users, it can be divided into single person, double person, three person and multiple person accounts. General outdoor stores generally sell three quarter double accounts, that is, common leisure camping activities in spring, summer and autumn. The structure is divided into double-layer and single-layer accounts. The double-layer outside account is rainproof and the inside account is breathable. The outside account can not be added in sunny summer, so the double-layer account is becoming more and more common. The accounting rod is divided into glass fiber rod and aluminum alloy rod, and the aluminum alloy rod is lighter.Four seasons accounts are rare and can be used in winter, but they are also thick and expensive.For climbing high mountains, especially snow mountains, high mountain tents are used, which are ventilated, warm, breathable and very strong, and can prevent force 12 strong winds. General tourist tents are not suitable for high mountain areas.Backpack: according to the capacity, it can be divided into small backpack of less than 30 liters, medium backpack of 30-45 liters and large backpack of 45-80 or higher. Select the backpack according to the equipment carried by the destination. Generally, 45-60 liter backpacks are suitable for two to three-day outdoor camping activities on weekends (tents and moisture-proof mats can not be hung on the top). Outdoor medium and large backpacks generally have a well-designed backpack system, so that the weight of the backpack can be evenly distributed to the back and waist, and can be adjusted. The quality of the backpack system is an important factor to measure the quality of the backpack.Sleeping bag: under ordinary climatic conditions, you can use DuPont cotton or other cotton sleeping bags, and choose sleeping bags according to the temperature scale (the index of sleeping bag warm temperature). Sleeping bags made of high-quality down in high mountains or cold areas are better, generally 1.5-2 kg of filled down. Down sleeping bags are becoming more and more popular because they are easy to compress and small in volume and weight, but the price is also more expensive.Damp proof pad or air cushion: physical damp proof pad or inflatable sleeping pad, which is used to isolate from the moisture on the ground and maintain body temperature and sleep quality.Stormsuit Pants: stormsuit generally refers to a waterproof and breathable functional coat. The difference from raincoat is its permeability, which makes the sweat and steam of the body easy to volatilize and keeps the body dry and comfortable. The famous waterproof and breathable material brand is Gore tex.Cooking utensils and tableware: field cooking utensils generally refer to the stove head and fuel (gas tank) for cooking and water in the field, which is very convenient to carry. The furnace head is divided into oil furnace and gas furnace, and the gas furnace is commonly used with gas tank. Oil stove, also known as universal stove, is used with kerosene and white gasoline, but it is expensive and needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently. Tableware includes pots, bowls, knives, forks and chopsticks suitable for different people.Mountaineering shoes: mountaineering and field walking provide good protection and cushioning to the feet in an all-round way, greatly reducing fatigue. It is divided into mountaineering shoes, hiking shoes and other functional shoes according to the type of destination.Head lamp: a lamp worn on the head, which is used for night activities, walking at night or camp activities, and freeing hands.Water bottle / water bag: famous Sigg water bottle and space cup, etc. The water bag is a professional water appliance, which is used to drink water directly during walking.In addition, common outdoor equipment includes telescope, waterproof bag, mountaineering stick, various knives (Swiss Army knife), compass, functional watch, GPS, etc.Outdoor tableware: including small cups, chopsticks, spoons, forks, etc.Cooking utensils include: set pot, single pot, drop pot, alcohol stove, gas stove, gas tank, campfire, tableware, chopsticks, spoon, kettle, bowl, knife, etc.Travel articles: Laundry bag, shoe bag / shoe bag, first aid kit / medicine box, waterproof bag, sundry bag, bale belt / rope, anti-theft wallet, close fitting waist bag, close fitting certificate bag, wash bag, travel towel, travel toothbrush set, water-free hand sanitizer, disposable products, oral care, rain and snow protection, portable tableware, travel water bottle, luggage bag, clothes line, conversion plug

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