What Is Espresso Coffee?

When you talk about the Espresso coffee, we think about one thing: taking a shot of it to wake us up. Espresso coffee has gained notoriety among coffee drinkers, lovers and those who take coffee in the office to start their day. There are times where coffee lovers may either avoid it, or just take one sinful shot of this coffee to give a kick to their caffeine boosting needs for the whole day. Espresso coffee is truly one of the most marvelous creations in the world of coffee when it comes to those who are looking for that extra caffeine dose to make them more energetic.

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In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the Espresso coffee. You will learn its origins, it it is made, or if it’s a type of coffee bean just like Arabica. After all, it has a fancy name that will also make you think about coffee even if the only world mentioned is ‘espresso’. Without further ado, let us take you on a knowledge-filled quest that will surely pique your interests as a coffee-lover.

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The Beginnings Of Espresso

The word itself has its origins that date back in Italy, and so as where it was discovered. Espresso was discovered back around the 1900s, which actually means “expressly brewed coffee for you”. Now that’s something that’s as romantic as the country itself. The history of espresso back in the 1900s involved the brewing of the coffee by applying pressurized water (that’s near boiling point) to the finely ground coffee beans, and is then transferred into a container (oftentimes a type of bowl called “demitasse”).

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The coffee in the demitasse is then taken straight as a shot so then it can be drank right away, since the result of applying pressurized hot water straight to the coffee beans to create the coffee is very potent in terms of its flavor and caffeine content. Ever since then, espresso enthusiasts began making espresso machines that are solely focused in providing that exact method in order to yield that potent type of coffee shot. From that point onwards, espresso became famous in the neighboring countries of Italy, all around Europe, and eventually to the rest of the world.

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The time espresso truly became famous to many people was back in the 1950s, along with the urbanization of the espresso coffee, and when the local authorities regarded this as a separate product from the usual coffee and the coffee beans. This also caused them to control the price of the espresso coffee, completely making it a whole new different product. This is also the reason why there are misconceptions for those who do not have any idea what espresso truly meant.

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What is Espresso?

Is it a type of coffee bean, a method of roasting or brewing? Or is it a whole different technique? Knowing what is espresso itself often leads to a lot of misconceptions. Most of the time, people think that it’s a coffee bean rather than the others mentioned. This caused a lot of individuals, and even groups such as marketers of espresso products themselves (who usually causes that very confusion), to wrongly conclude that espresso coffee came from a special type of “strong coffee bean”. Truth be told, espresso, as its English translation suggests, is actually a brewing method for coffee, which also means that almost any type of coffee bean can be used to make espresso coffee. However, certain beans are more or less suitable as espresso coffee beans. This is because the bean flavor is more important for drinks like espresso rather than coffee with milk added so you are better to use gourmet coffee beans as they are the best coffee beans for espresso.

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The method itself consists of forcing a small portion of a nearly-boiling water using pressure into ground coffee beans. This method then creates the concentrated coffee flavor, which is then placed in its container so then it can be drank only as a shot. The espresso coffee made through this method is usually thick in terms of its consistency, which is also the reason why it has a very strong flavor compared to the typical coffee drink that we enjoy.

For the best results, you only need to take a straight shot of the espresso coffee to get your day started. There is no need to add exciting flavors into it since the purpose of espresso coffee is to just get that kick of extra caffeine. Some espresso drinkers do not mix anything into it, since it only takes a shot of this bad boy to get you going. Therefore, there is no need to add milk into an espresso coffee anymore, since the taste is best if you leave it as is.

Espresso also had its fair share of history, as well as a very unique method of brewing it, which actually is the only means for you to create a shot of this potent type of coffee brew. Nowadays, buying espresso coffee drinks is not a hard process anymore, since they are all over the market as it’s very famous. You can buy coffee beans online, just search for espresso coffee beans for sale or something like that. You can get coffee beans delivered to your door. So, if you are raring to take on a stronger type of coffee brew, it’s best to give this one a shot!

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