What is Carboxytherapy?

When it comes to treating different issues like sagging or aging  skin and skin tone irregularities, Carboxytherapy presents itself as a great solution. And the best part? There are no complicated surgical procedures or recovery periods involved – just the benefits. CO2 Lift.com offers a great new approach for carbon dioxide treatment.

Carboxytherapy, or carbon dioxide therapy in simple terms, is a solution for a wide range of skin & medical conditions, as well asskin regeneration. During traditional Carboxytherapy sessions, gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) is injected into the skin, or with CO2Lift Gel carboxy is applied topically via a gel that forms a mask on the area applied. 

How Does Carboxytherapy Work?

The infused CO2 is interpreted as a lack of oxygen by the body, which triggers the flow of blood towards that region, encouraging tissue regeneration and healing. This leads to improved blood circulation, metabolism improvement, and blood vessel emergence, all while boosting collagen and elastin levels, leading to overall skin rejuvenation.

Ten Things to Know About Carboxytherapy

Our bodies are constantly taking in Oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is often considered a waste product, but it actually comes with many therapeutic benefits. 

If Carboxytherapy is a new term to you, read on to find out about its marvels and how it may be able to help you in different ways. Here are the top nine things about this carbon dioxide treatment that you should know. 

1. It Has Treated Patients Successfully for Almost a Century

Carboxytherapy has successfully treated many conditions for about a century. The first time this approach was used was in France’s Royal Spas for treating arterial occlusive disease during the 1930s.  From there on, specialists have come across many new ways for using Carboxytherapy to boost skin appearance, reduce healing, and even alleviate the symptoms of some medical conditions.

2. It Treats Many Skin Conditions

There are only a few overall skincare treatments like Carboxytherapy. CO2 can be used to tackle a wide range of issues such as wrinkles, crepey skin and even vaginal rejuvenation. Carbon dioxide treatment:

• Leads to faster healing after laser treatments and chemical peels

• Gives a youthful glow and enhances the skin tone

• Eliminates dark circles and eye puffiness 

• Reduces crepey skin

• Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

• Treats fine lines and wrinkles

• Reduce scars

• Promotes vaginal rejuvenation 

• Leads to a smoother skin texture

• Minimizes pores

• Tightens skin

3. It Provides Intense Hydration

This powerful treatment delivers a great boost of skin hydration. One study conducted by Biometrix showed a 117% improvement in skin hydration after a single treatment, and these results lasted for about 3 weeks on average. Getting the treatment done every two to three weeks can deliver optimal results. 

4. It Can Treat Medical Conditions

Alongside cosmetic benefits, Carboxytherapy also treats many medical conditions in both men and women. Some of these are:

• Alopecia (hair loss caused by poor circulation)

• Raynaud’s syndrome

• Erectile dysfunction 

• Arthritis 

5. It’s Safe, Painless, & Effective.

Safety is a big concern when it comes to any treatment, and Carboxytherapy has been well regarded as some of the safest treatments out there. There aren’t many others that deliver the same powerful effects as Carboxytherapy while being this safe. 

6. The Treatment is Fast, and With No Downtime

One session takes about 35 to 55 minutes and doesn’t require any downtime, making this a very convenient treatment option.  You can get back to your daily routine almost immediately after your session. 

7.  Available in Both Topical & Injectable Forms

For the needle-averse folks out there, Carboxytherapy is also available in the form of non-invasive options that cause no discomfort at all.  Traditionally, this CO2 treatment is usually introduced to the body via injections. However, some serious innovations have been developed and CO2LIFT can now deliver powerful results with a gel – no needles at all! 

8. Less Risky and More Wallet-Friendly Than Surgery

When compared to surgical options, even multiple sessions of carbon dioxide treatment turn out to be more economical in the end. Aside from the financial aspect, this non-invasive treatment is also much safer and less risky than an operation.  Carboxytherapy involves no anesthesia or incisions, making it a preferred choice among many. 

9. Immediately Visible Results

Carboxytherapy delivers instant results which only get better over time. CO2LIFT.com has gel masks that deliver instant localized anti-inflammatory properties, soothing both face and body skin for an instant, pain-free transformation.

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