What Is App Store Optimization? Ultimate Guide to ASO

There are more than ten million apps in app stores like Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. Competing among this vast ocean of apps is not easy. If you want to rank your app better, you need to understand the process of ranking. Digital marketers and app developers use several App Store Optimization strategies for this purpose. If you are wondering what App Store Optimization is, read on.

What Is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is also known as mobile app SEO. It is a technique that helps in improving the app ranking in Playstore. If you want to promote and increase your business visibility by app development, then you must follow this technique. With improved ranking, the number of customers will increase and simultaneously there would be a rise in brand value. App store optimization services can help in achieving this.

ASO Strategies and Guide

The various strategies that can be used in ASO are based on on-metadata factors and off-metadata factors. On-metadata factors can be controlled by the developers, whereas off-metadata cannot be controlled. Here’s a guide that gives you a list of strategies that you can use to improve your app ranking and increase downloads.

Use Appropriate Keywords

To get the best results for your app, you need to focus on the keywords you are using. They should be relevant to the target audience. This will also help in tracking the competition. Use the keywords in the title as well as app description. Try to find as many relevant keywords as possible and use them appropriately. However, avoid adding excess keywords. If you happen to use keywords irrelevantly, the bounce-back rate is likely to increase.

Customer Reviews and Ranking

Google Play Store and Apple App Store rank the app based on how high their rating is. Increasing the number of reviews will drastically increase the app ranking. You should note that the reviews must be positive. You can also improve the app’s specialization and provide direct contact between the developer and the customer. If you feel intimidated, a professional digital marketing company in India can help you through all these strategies.

Always specify the correct details of the app so that the customer doesn’t feel dissatisfied. This can help in avoiding negative reviews. Provide frequent updates in case of any bug and always try improving your app. Good reviews and customer ranking are essential for better recognition. 

Attractive Title

The title plays an important role to generate more traffic. Use a relevant organic keyword in the title. Depending upon the title, your app ranking may decrease or increase. The popularity of apps mainly depends upon oral publicity. You must avoid changing the title of your app frequently; otherwise, it will become difficult for the user to find it. 

App Description

The subtitle or app description must be original, crisp and clear. It should have all the relevant keywords. Try keeping the description short and to the point. Don’t add unnecessary information. Use simple words for explaining things and making is straightforward to understand.

Increase Downloads

Try getting the maximum number of downloads for your apps. The number of downloads is directly proportional to the app ranking. It’s true that you cannot control the number of downloads, but by using keywords and an appropriate thumbnail, you can target the right set of audience. An increase in the number of downloads will also give you engagement and popularity rate. For increasing the number of downloads, try keeping the app size small (less than 100MB) and it must easily get installed through mobile data. Even after updating, there shouldn’t be much increase in the app size.


Use attractive audio-visuals for your app. Try using a proper app icon that suits the app and its services. Do not overdo or add too many elements in the app icon. Provide users with proper screenshots and sample images for the app. The app content should be properly visible to the users so that before downloading they know what will be inside it.

Transparency between the customer and the company or app developer will reduce negative publicity and increase the number of satisfied customers. The sample images should be of good picture quality with eye-catching visuals. 

Check Your KPI

KPIs are Key Performance Indicators, which indicate your app’s performance with respect to its competitors. KPI helps you to understand more about installing volume, revenue generated, conversion rate, and similar app availability. Always keep an eye on your as well as your competitors’ performance. Try updating your services and adding more features than your competitor apps.

Use Appropriate App Content

Other than the ASO factors, the app must also have appropriate content. It should justify its services. The app should be bug-free and function smoothly without any lag. Most importantly, the app should be safe and must not leak any of the users’ private data.


App Store Optimization is an innovative technique that is used by many companies globally. It consists of different parts and elements. You must work on every aspect wisely. It might take time and effort to understand the procedure of ASO, but it will surely help in improving your ranking and sales.

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