What Is A Kiss Cut Sticker?

Come on, admit it. You love stickers. Shiny, colorful, creative, and fun, and on top of all of that, stickers are also practical and powerful marketing tools. Kiss cut stickers work great as handouts at an event or can be easily slipped into a bag as a giveaway upon purchase. And the extra vinyl around the sticker provides space for additional marketing opportunities. 

Kiss and Tell: What Is Kiss Cut?

They are called kiss cut stickers because when the stick is cut during the manufacturing process, the blade gently “kisses” the sticker so that only the vinyl is cut, not the backing. 

When Kiss Cut Is the Best Cut for You

The single surface platform of kiss cut stickers works great as giveaways, and the extra vinyl space around your sticker can be utilized to provide other information, including:

  • Web address
  • Dates and times for events
  • Contact information
  • QR codes
  • Brand promotion
  • And more!

Kiss cut stickers are rated for outdoor use, so they work in almost any setting.

How You Can Get Your Kiss Cut Stickers

Getting your kiss cut stickers is super easy when you use the templates provided by Diecutstickers.com. You can create your custom designs in just a few steps:

  1. Use templates to create stickers or submit your own design
  2. Choose your shape
  3. Choose your size
  4. Choose between matte or semi-gloss
  5. Choose your quantity
  6. Add them to your cart and wait for the stickers to arrive

Check Out the BEST Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss cut stickers, die cut stickers, sticker sheets, and so much more! You can shop and customize what you need with Diecutstickers.com. Order today and get your awesome stickers delivered right to your door.

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