What Comes in a Wheel and Tires Package

What Comes in a Wheel and Tires Package?

Experts estimate the global automotive wheel market to have been worth $38.33 billion in 2020. Moreover, they project this sector to grow further and reach $58.87 billion come 2028.

One reason the wheel market continues to grow is the concomitant growth of vehicle users. After all, 80 to 90 million new cars get sold each year worldwide, except in 2020, when sales dropped to 41 million.

Adding to that are the existing and even new car owners who buy aftermarket wheel and tires packages. Many of them do this to boost their ride’s handling, maneuverability, and performance. This is especially true for racers and folks who love to go on off-roading adventures.

So, if you plan to upgrade your car yourself, investing in top-quality wheels and tires may be a good way to start. This guide lists the most common inclusions in wheel and tire bundles, so be sure to read on.

The Wheels

If you buy packaged wheels and tires (or wheels and tyres, as spelled in places like the UK and AU), you’ll get four wheels. Each wheel, in turn, comes complete with the disc, hub, rim, and spokes.

The wheel disc is the section that connects the axle hub and the rim. The hub then connects the axle to the rubber tire. The rim is the wheel’s outermost edge, while the spokes are the rods that run from the disc to the wheel’s outer edge.

The wheel also consists of a valve stem, which is the mechanism that allows you to inflate tires. Another part is the center bore, a hole behind the wheel that centers the wheel on the car’s hub. You’ll also find lug holes in each wheel, which are small openings that allow you to install the wheels to the car.

Depending on the construction, the wheels can either consist of a single piece or, in some cases, two. A one-piece wheel is a wheel with all its primary parts cast or forged into a single piece. By contrast, a two-piece wheel has two bolted sections: an outer piece and a centerpiece.

The Rim

As you shop for wheel and tire packages, one thing to note is that some sellers may use the term “rim” to refer to the wheel. One reason is that many folks today use these terms interchangeably.

While the rim is a critical part of the wheel, keep in mind that it’s only the outermost section of the wheel. It consists of a barrel, a valley-like area with tire mounting structures.

The barrel, in turn, has inboard flanges designed to secure the rubber tire in place. It also has outboard flanges that give the wheel’s front-facing area aesthetic value. Inside these flanges are beads, which then support the edges of the rubber tire.

You’ll also find mounting humps along the barrel, on both the front- and car-facing sides. These ridges help the inboard flanges keep the rubber tire in place.

The Tires

Since you’re paying for a packaged deal on car or truck wheels and tires, then you should get four tires, too.

The tires themselves consist of pneumatic rubber components. They’re the only parts of a vehicle that come into contact with the ground or the road. Not even the wheel, or any part of it, touches the ground.

Having said that, the tires are the ones that provide traction to move and stop a vehicle. They also reduce the transmission of vibrations to the vehicle body.

Tires can do all that thanks to their beads, radial cord body, inner liner, belt plies, sidewall, and tread.

Tire beads (different from wheel beads) are structures that secure the tire to the rim. They help prevent the rubber structure from sliding out of place as the wheel rolls.

The radial cord body consists of rubber-coated fabric cords called body plies. Together, they give the tire its strength. They also transmit cornering forces from the tire’s tread to the wheel.

Belt plies are cords found under the tire’s tread area. They help make the tire tread strong and durable.

The inner liner, made of a rubber compound, is the inner-most surface of a tire. Its main purpose is to maintain air under pressure.

The sidewall is the smooth area of a tire that starts from the bead to the edges of the tread. It functions as a protective covering for the radial cord body.

The tread is the specific section of a tire that comes into contact with the road surface. It consists of blocks, lugs, grooves, and voids that give the tire traction and stopping power.

Free Wheel and Tires Assembly

Whether you want to buy car, truck, 4×4, or trailer tires and wheels, be sure the seller offers free assembly. Most reputable ones do, though, so long as you get a package from them.

The free assembly includes mounting the tires onto the wheels themselves. From there, the experts will balance the entire assembled pieces.

If you buy the package from a local dealer, you may get a free or discounted installation service. To be sure, do an online search for “wheels and tires near me with free installation.” Then, call each potential shop and have them verify their free installation terms.

If you buy wheels and tires online, the seller will ship them to your preferred address, usually for free. Once you receive your brand-new wheels and tires, you only need to mount them on your ride, and then off you go.

Upgrade Your Ride’s Looks with New Wheels and Tires

There you have it, your guide on what automotive wheel and tires packages usually include. Just remember that aside from the wheels and tires, some sellers also offer free assembly. Others even throw in free accessories, such as lug nuts, bolts, and even sensors.

So, make sure to look for suppliers offering these value-added goods and services.

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