What Are The Different Ways To Brew Coffee

Brewing coffee comes in a wide variety of ways. All over the world, there are different traditions involving coffee which had its roots centuries, if not decades, ago. This caused some traditions to customize the way they make coffee, where some are totally unusual and could only be unique to their country due to the materials or environment needed to attain that specific brew. The difference in brewing techniques also led coffee to become differentiated not just through the coffee beans, but through the methods involved when creating that specific brew of coffee.

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Before we discuss what are the different popular techniques for brewing coffee beans, you should first learn why it’s very important to know why there are different ways to do it. After all, just mixing coffee in a coffee maker with the right coffee beans is already enough to achieve the brew that you desire. The answer to this is very simple: the difference in the brewing techniques can also sharpen the flavor of strengthen the coffee’s caffeine even further, which is what most coffee lovers would like to experience. True coffee lovers are known to have a tongue that can easily define differences in the different flavors involving coffee beans and brews. To get the best brewed coffee you don’t just need to use a good method but also start with the best coffee beans you can find. You can find great gourmet coffee beans online from a boutique coffee beans seller.

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So, without further ado, here are the most popular brewing techniques that are worth trying out at home, or in some country where it’s unique and yields the best flavor:


You got that right! Espresso coffee is not actually a type of coffee bean that’s “strong and very bitter”. It’s actually a technique where nearly boiling water is pressurized into the finely ground coffee beans in order to create that strong drink. This drink is often taken as as a shot due to the concentrated amount of caffeine present in each drop of this thick concoction of coffee.

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Espresso is often mistaken as an expensive type of coffee drink, probably because of how classy its name sounds. However, the price for the espresso coffee actually varies from expensive to extremely cheap, depending on the type of product being sold. There are two known types of machines that can create the espresso coffee brew: the first one is the typical coffee maker, while the other one is a traditional espresso machine that can only be operated by pumping it with your own hands.

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The AeroPress may sound all too technical, looking like it came out of a science project, but is actually one of the easiest ways to make coffee nowadays. This is a modern method where the AeroPress device is just made of three items: the AeroPress machine itself, the stir stick of the machine, and a filter for the coffee beans.

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This method usually requires you to just pour in the hot water and the coffee beans into the container, and let it process coffee under the empty container of the AeroPress cylinder. The brewing time for this method only takes a minute or two, and can yield a wide variety of brews (which even included an espresso like result).

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French Press

The French Press is a classic brewing method that’s more focused on steeping the coffee rather than brewing it. The coffee beans used in this method must be very fine, as they will get immersed in very hot water. If the coffee beans are more ground when steeped, more flavors will be released into the hot water and will blend well, resulting in a very tasty and aromatic blend.

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This is probaby the simplest method that you can do in order to brew coffee because you will just have to steep it like tea. And just like tea, make sure that you’re not steeping the coffee beans for a very long time because it will taste too dark and bitter already, and will just ruin everything. That’s why you should check the coffee you’re steeping with this method every now and then until you reach your desired level of flavor.

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The Moka Pot Brew

This method involves using a special type of coffee brewer called the moka pot. The moka pot is used with pressure just like espresso in order to create a flavorful cup of coffee. This pot also has 3 chambers, which also create the three steps needed to achieve this method.

First of all, the water is poured at the bottom chamber of the moka pot. The ground coffee beans are then placed in a filter this time, the pot is then placed at a stovetop to heat up. Once the water at the bottom chamber starts to boil, the steam generated on the pot will push the water upwards towards the coffee that’s placed on the filter. Once that occurs, it will push further to the very top chamber where the final product can be extracted, ready for you to drink up. The moka pot may not be as strong as the espresso, but coffee lovers will surely indulge on the richness of the flavor that the moka pot can make.

These are just some of the popular methods that are worth trying if you want to learn what are the different techniques to brew coffee. What’s interesting about this is that it yields different levels of acidity, aroma, bitterness and even the strength that will keep you going throughout the day. That’s why all of these are worth trying for!

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