What Are The Benefits Of Offshore Wind Farms?

Since ancient times people in places like Egypt have acknowledged and made use of wind energy. The way that energy is used today is very different as we use wind turbines to maximize this natural energy resource.

What is an Offshore Wind Farm?
Basically, an offshore wind farm is composed of a large collection of wind turbines but constructed offshore instead of on land. These turbines are attached to stilts or pontoons that float on the water all connected to an energy collection system. Even though they are very similar offshore wind farms are not the same as onshore farms. In 2019 the total number of offshore wind farms in existence was 115.

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Crucial Advantages of Offshore Wind Farms
After taking an active part in wind engineering developments we have come to the conclusion that offshore wind farms are the future of wind energy. Let’s take a closer look at its benefits below:

  1. Safe for Water Eco-systems
    Wind energy has been receiving a fair amount of negative publicity due to its potential for harmful effects on ecosystems and local wildlife. While there have been instances of a few birds colliding with wind turbines the full context should be taken into consideration. For example, no actual proof exists that offshore wind farms have caused any harm to any aquatic ecosystems. As the number of offshore wind farms increased, the industry has been successfully keeping up with relevant research. Even though many more years of research is required there is already clear evidence that offshore wind farm as an energy source is much safer than other methods.
  2. Very Little Natural Resources Required
    Because offshore wind farms do not require a large space for construction very few changes are done to the environment whereas the construction of onshore farms often require land leveling, cutting down of trees, moving of wildlife, and sometimes changing the entire landscape.
    It should also be noted that this type of energy source does not require the use of any expendable resources like oil, coal, etc. In addition, these wind energy farms are typically located close to the shore where marine life is much scarcer.
  3. Efficient
    Whereas onshore wind is often obstructed in various ways by things like buildings, hills, mountains, and different types of streams that can also reduce the energy output on the land, offshore wind farms are not affected by such things as they are usually located at least a couple of miles away from the shore. As there is nothing to obstruct the wind direction on the water this makes them more efficient than their land-based counterparts. Offshore wind turbines are able to capture all the wind swirling around without affecting the landscape in any way.
    On average, onshore wind turbines with 3-megawatts have the capacity to produce enough electricity to power approximately 1,500 households per year whereas an offshore wind turbine with a 3.6-megawatt capacity can provide enough energy per year for more than 3,300 households.
  4. No Noise Pollution
    One of the biggest downsides of onshore wind turbines is that they can be very noisy. When they are located close to a residential area they can produce a lot of noise pollution. In comparison, offshore wind farms cause no distressing noise to surrounding areas as they are located a few miles away from the land.
  5. Renewable Energy Sources
    The majority of traditional type energy sources use non-renewable resources. As the human population continues to grow and industries continue to develop it will cause an increase in energy demands. At some point in the future, these non-renewable energy resources will become depleted.

Wind energy on the other hand is a renewable resource that can be used indefinitely because the wind is a natural phenomenon created by different atmospheric pressures. As long as this is sustainable wind energy can safely be used for generating electricity.

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