What are French cars known for?

The products of the French car industry are distinguished by their special charm, sophistication, and increased comfort. It is difficult to confuse these cars with cars of other world brands. Even if you hang the Ford logo on a model of a famous French concern, connoisseurs will immediately understand what the catch is.

A few little-known facts about French cars

French inventors were the founders of the automotive industry. The first car with an internal combustion engine running on hydrogen was designed by François Isaac de Rivaz. The car was introduced to the world in 1807.

Later, in 1873, engineer Amede Bolle created the first car capable of carrying 4 people. The machine was powered by a steam power plant.

Back in the 19th century, French engineers were the first to create a car equipped with an internal combustion engine. This invention played an important role in the formation and development of the entire global automotive industry. In 1883, the French were unable to start mass production of the progressive vehicle.

Later, 7 years after this event, the company Panhard et Levassor was founded. The plant was engaged in the production of cars equipped with a design that combines rear-wheel drive with an engine. For that time, it was a major breakthrough in the history of the automotive industry. The company produced models of the elite class until the beginning of the Second World War.

After 1945, the demand for budget cars increased. In response to new market demands, the company created the first front-wheel drive models, the Panhard Dyna.

The main competitors of the legendary company were Renault and Bugatti. These concerns exist to this day, and the Panhard et Levassor company was merged into the Citroen corporation. The legendary automaker was not helped by its experience, fame and capabilities to resist the takeover.

Famous French car brands

France annually sells more than several million pieces of equipment outside its borders. Elegant, reliable cars are in demand all over the world. Products of brands are in the greatest demand:

    • Peugeot;

    • Citroen;

    • Renault;

    • Bugatti.

These concerns produce:

    • off-road vehicles (véhicule (m) tout-terrain);

    • sedans with 4 doors (berline);

    • sedans with 2 doors (coupé);

    • hatch-backs (trois-portes);

    • sports cars.

According to the 2021 rating, Peugeot 107, Peugeot 4008, Citroen C1, CitroenC-Crosser are recognized as the best French cars. All of these models have increased reliability and are suitable for use on the roads of Russia.

Car brands in French represent only the names of the founders of the concerns. But if you set a goal and translate the name CitroenC-Crosser into Russian, you will get a Citroen sporty (literally rude, knocking out).

Little-known brands of French cars

Cars of other brands are also produced in France:

    • Acmat. The company produces trucks, military tractors, special firefighters. cars.

    • Acrea. The company was founded in 2005. The factory assembles retro-style cars.

    • Axiam-MEGA. The company is a subcompact model.

    • Ballot. Signature cars are decorated with an anchor logo.

    • Ligier. The company is focused on the creation of racing cars, city cars, electric vehicles.

    • The line of models of this manufacturer also includes modern unmanned minibuses. They are highly maneuverable.

Features of the repair of French cars in Russia

There are myths among consumers that buying automotive products made in France is not profitable in terms of the cost of specific repairs and spare parts. In response to these arguments, specialists working in Russian service stations note that there are no particular difficulties.

Renault has some body parts unified with Nissan, VAZ. (door trim clips, similar to those from LadaGranta). Complex blocks, specific spare parts, are ordered directly from the manufacturer.

There are no problems with delivery.

The only difficulty for the masters is the diagnostics and adjustment of electrical equipment. Such issues should be resolved in specialized centers equipped with a dealer scanner.

Advantages of the products of famous French car factories

The “French” have undeniable merits. These include:

    • high-quality galvanized body;

    • profitability;

    • Beautiful design;

    • excellent handling;

    • comfort.

Most of the models from French brands are reasonably priced. Judging by the reviews of motorists, the new car is able to serve without complex breakdowns for about 5 years.

If you look in detail, it turns out that French gasoline engines and diesels are capable of traveling 300-400 thousand km. They don’t need complicated care.

“Not theft” is another positive quality of the “French”, which will save money. These cars are of little interest to hijackers, so insurance for them is cheaper than for more popular foreign cars.

In the history of its existence, any manufacturer has had successful and unsuccessful models and solutions that have caused criticism from consumers. French carmakers are no exception. Within their walls, cars were produced, which eventually became classics, but there are also cars that have become the reason for the ruin of well-known companies.

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