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Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

For many people, their wedding day is the most important and special in their lives. While there are traditional gifts to get for certain marriage milestones – sapphires in the fifth year, pearls in the thirtieth, and even cotton in the second – you don’t need to stick to these traditions. If you’re looking for that special something for your sweetheart for an upcoming anniversary, keep reading for the best anniversary gifts anyone would love to receive.

Custom Songs

If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve seen advertisements for personalized songs. Next time you see one, don’t keep scrolling; these gifts can become some of the most meaningful things you’ll ever give your spouse. Reaching out to a brand that does custom songs and telling them a small part of your love story gives them all the inspiration they need to say the things that you may not be able to. Presenting your spouse with a customized song is something neither of you will ever forget.

Lingerie & Intimates

The most successful marriages place a high priority on staying physically connected. While regular date nights, simple flirtations, and deep communication can help you and your spouse connect, there’s nothing wrong with adding intimates like lingerie to your routine. You can go with classic black, romantic red, or your partner’s favorite color, but intimates are sure to put you both in the mood and keep that flame alive.

Romantic Getaways

Sometimes the best presents are physical, but moments you curate for your significant other. Not only are our vacations a way to disconnect from life’s responsibilities, but they’re also perfect for making memories you and your spouse can share for a lifetime. Maybe you two are parents, and you can’t commit to a week-long vacation; even a simple road trip for the weekend can be just as meaningful. You don’t even have to spend a ton of money; a bed-and-breakfast in your town can provide you with the respite and privacy you need to celebrate your anniversary.

Spa Gift Certificates

Marriage takes a lot of work, and you deserve relaxation and pampering. Give your spouse the gift of a spa gift certificate to enjoy alone or for you two to receive couples massages and facials. Not only are spa treatments excellent for your physical appearance, but they’re also fantastic for your physical health. Honor overall well-being through a generous gift card to a local spa. Make sure you look at the spa menu so you have an idea of how much the certificate should be, with enough to cover gratuity for the provider.

A New Bed

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and use our beds and bedrooms for plenty of other activities. Give you and your spouse an upgrade and turn your bedroom into a literal oasis with a new bed frame, high-quality mattress, and luxurious sheet set. Life isn’t always a sweet dream, but you can give yourself and your spouse the gift of restorative sleep and comfort, which benefits multiple areas of your life.

Upgraded Jewelry

Most people get engaged and married at a time of their lives when they’re not exactly flush with cash. If you’re in a more comfortable financial position than you were when you and your spouse first got together, surprise them this year with an upgraded wedding band or maybe the engagement ring of her dreams. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend for a reason.


Maybe your spouse is a wine enthusiast and would love a subscription for monthly wine deliveries; perhaps they’re an art lover and would enjoy a museum membership. Subscription services are everywhere these days, which makes tailoring them to your spouse’s interests a breeze. Additionally, they take minimal effort, so if you just remembered that your anniversary is next week, this is a quick gift to throw together.

You can stick to the anniversary gift guide when all else fails and go with the milestone presents. But, if you want to tailor your gift more to your spouse or give them something that would have a bigger impact on their life, consider choosing one of the gifts mentioned above. Happy Anniversary!



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