5 Most Dangerous Roads

Truckers Beware: 5 Most Dangerous Roads in the US to Haul a Truck

There were nearly 500,000 crashes involving big trucks in 2018. Truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs, putting yourself at risk every day. Some roads are even more dangerous than others.

Certain road designs, traffic congestion, weather conditions, and more can add additional factors to deal with. Read on to find five of the most dangerous roads in the US.

1. I-4 Tampa to Daytona

Florida is a large state with lots of road construction and frequent congestion. This particular state deals with in-state residents as well as a mass of travelers who don’t know the roads.

The stretch of I-4 between Tampa and Dayton boasts a death per mile of 1.250. This simple statistic is the reason I-4 has been determined as the deadliest highway in America.

Particularly, you might want to avoid traveling between the times of 2 PM and 3 PM on January 10th, as it is the most common time to crash on this road.

2. California Route 138

One of the most dangerous roads in California is Route 138. This highway even earned the name of “Highway of Death.” It runs 65 miles through the Mojave Desert. 

Twisting and turning through the mountains combined with congestion has taken the lives of many. This two-lane road has undergone some recent improvements but you’ll still want to steer clear.

3. Dalton Highway Alaska

The Dalton Highway in Alaska is infamous for its icy road conditions that are especially dangerous for truckers. Not only does it harbor nasty weather conditions, but they are even deadlier when combined with the twisty mountain roadways.

Furthermore, there are little to no fuel stops and limited access to any emergency services.

4. I-45 Texas

The I-45 from Galveston to Dallas is second to I-4’s death per mile count making it the most dangerous road in Texas. Houston is the deadliest area on this stretch of road.

Congestion plays a major factor in the numbers behind the I-45’s accidents. However, there are numerous attributions to distracted drivers in this area.

Knowing what to look out for when it comes to other drivers and dangers to truckers is an important step in protecting yourself.

5. HWY 129 North Carolina to Tennessee

There is one small area that might surprise you. Highway 129 has an 11 mile stretch of road that has 318 curves. This “Tail of the Dragon” is a popular trip for motorcycle enthusiasts.

However, while it may be a beautiful area for cyclists, truckers don’t always fare the same on this stretch. Curves through the mountains can create a sticky situation for big rigs.

Avoid These Most Dangerous Roads in the US

We know that truckers don’t always have the option to avoid a certain area of the map. Next time you set out, it might be in your best interest to avoid these most dangerous roads in the US. In any case, stay safe!

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