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Get Our Help to Complete Your Initial Triathlon or Expand Your Race Times?

Tri Swim Coach:

It’s not a problem whether you’re a top triathlete or have just started this journey. If you’re penetrating for a professional to help and a director on the road to victory and also who works near you, then you contemplate this problem solved! Tri Coach Jon offers all of its guests an innovative feature providing present triathlon coaching information. By ingoing the ‘Find a Tri Swim Coach type, you can simply choose your chosen location and discover the accurate triathlon coach for you while saving time.

Our indoor training capability has deep water pools, mirrors on the lowest of the pool, 360-degree video reproach technology, and bespoke support from a capable instructor to help you swim quicker and train well. We offer together private and semi-private lessons for triathletes, so contact our team to acquire lesson preparation, open water swimming, and other chances for triathletes to train in the Lab.

Improve Your Skills:

Finalized our Novice Open Water Confidence Course the earlier or just feeling a bit unpracticed and in requirement of an improvement? Or maybe you’ve already completed a few triathlons and your training didn’t explain race outcomes? 

 This session will improve your skills and give you the capability to fuss swim training on your own. We clarify some skills for exposed water swim racing, whether you’re just ingoing as a personal trial or to participate. You’ll come away feeling prepared to endure your good training.

Swimming Video Analysis & Blow Improvement:

Seeing yourself swimming from a variety of dissimilar angles and then having your stroke acclaimed and usefully evaluated by us is a redeeming experience.

We’ll classify the great fundamentals of your stroke previously there and the stroke accountabilities which you want to develop, whether it’s field your sniff, arm cusps, slinky legs, inept catch mechanics, over jolting, or overgliding.  We use a first-class HD underwater camera to film you from an array of dissimilar angles above and under the water, leaving no stone unturned!  

Our approach to triathlete swim technique:

Video feedback technology allows triathletes of all ages and capabilities to promptly view their freestyle stroke method, accurately or improve their form, fine-tune their technique, and master their swimming services. 

The whole Tri Swim Coach team is violently passionate about swimming, and our course has been advanced by a team of world-class swimmers with several years of teaching experience.

Squad Swimming Sessions:

Maybe you’ve attended our common Swimming Courses and are looking to continue your newfound stroke, or you’re a novice to triathlon looking for an excessive friendly steady swim class. You might be just receiving back into swimming after a long pause or an Age Grouper looking to recover your race times. Whatever your level and practice, our welcoming style and up-to-date scientific coaching methods will make you swim more securely and proficiently with great technique.

Tri Swim Coach assistance you swim much quicker and learn to love not to dislike swimming! We’re not like other swimming clubs, we have confident ambiances between all affiliates and you’ll feel greeted from the onset. So hurry, what are you waiting for? Come and try it out to bargain out why it’s so widespread!


It is doubtful you will thrive to your potential at any of those ideas without a clear plan to get you there. Where do you start? How do you stability work, family, and working out and still reach your routine goals?

As trainers who comprehend what it means to go from couch potato to modest age groupers and competitive age groupers to leading age groupers, we help stamina athletes in the UK and throughout the world balance training with family and work promises. Our triathlon coaching ethics are “bottom-up training” and excellence over quantity.

Personalized Training Plans:

Feel like you’ve touched a plateau with your training or stressed with incentive and right it all in?

We’ve assisted hundreds of people just like you attain individual bests and podiums with our extremely regarded personal method to your training. We offer three levels of a Half Ironman Training Plans, swim-run, duathlon, aquathlon, or triathlon. Whether your goal is to only complete your first triathlon or to platform finish at the World Competitions, we can help! 

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