Touching Hearts with Specially Curated Gifts

That’s what BlueFairy & Co. seeks to do, as embodied by our adorable mascot PEN PEN, a fairy in blue, who exudes unbridled positivity, love and happiness. This spirit of joie de vivre (meaning ‘joy of living’ in French) is generally used to convey the cheerful enjoyment of life in anything one is doing be it chatting, reading, eating and of course, gifting – especially if the selections are chic, delectable and mood-lifting – which you’ll find aplenty at BlueFairy & Co. To borrow a popular local phrase, our gifts are sure to “warm the cockles” of the hearts of your family, friends and colleagues, whatever the occasion is such as birthday celebrations, get-well surprises and farewell get-togethers.

More importantly, as a social enterprise which is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children, 10% of BlueFairy & Co.’s earned revenue will go to A Packet of Milk Campaign, our maiden CSR programme for 400 needy children living in the slums of Tondo in the Philippines. So each time you send a gift from BlueFairy & Co. to family and friends, you’ll also be bringing happiness and hope to the less fortunate kids who are living in unimaginable poverty.

Says founder Daniel Tan, “My maternal grand matriarch loved to help the underprivileged children and would give them some money whenever she met them. I have always been inspired by her spirit of humanity and philanthropy which I’ve now made both as the foundation and DNA of BlueFairy & Co. in honour of, and to continue her legacy.”

That’s what makes BlueFairy & Co. uniquely special right from the start – providing you with a double delight experience every time you shop with us: First, the pleasure of selecting and sending wonderful novel gifts for your loved ones; second, the joy of making a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged children.

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