Top Home Security Tips for New Homeowners

Buying a new house can oftentimes be a tumultuous experience, filled with a spectrum of different emotions. Once the house acquisition is complete, it’s as much of a relief as it is a joy. After all the stressors of buying and designing a new house and turning it into your “home” are behind you, it’s time to decide how to help protect this haven of yours.

There’s often a tendency among new homeowners, especially first-timers, to overlook the importance of installing a proper security system in their home. Having had their security provisions taken care of by rental complexes or landlords in the past, they often don’t think to look beyond security features like deadlocks and grill gates.

Your home security doesn’t need to involve spending obscene amounts of money on the latest security technologies. It’s possible to help secure your home with just a few simple actions.

Here are few tips to beef up your security

  • Secure the Doors – You must ensure that every single exterior door has been closed and locked properly at all times. Even the door frames have to be strengthened as much as possible, along with the hinges. In case the home used to belong to someone else, install new locks. Keep in mind that the locks should be the highest quality you can acquire. Installing a deadbolt and a video doorbell are two extra safety precautions to help fortify your premises even further. All these things can all be done reliably and promptly by fix quick garage doors.
  • Lock the Windows – Windows are the most obvious entry points for criminals, after doors. However, the manufacturer latches aren’t always secure enough on their own. Adding sturdy locks and/or levers(key-operated), is always a smart choice. In case of glass windows, try installing reinforced glass panes and window bars. You can also invest in sensors that trigger an alarm if the glass is broken.
  • Light Up the Landscape – Criminals prefer to carry out their misdeeds under the cover of darkness. They try to avoid locations that are lit up brightly. Ample outdoor lighting can go a long way in helping to keep them at bay. Front and backyards, pathways, garages and outdoor structures are all good areas where you should install a lot of bright lights. Bright lighting also helps in minimising the risk of falling. You can use solar-powered and/or motion-activated lights outside to reduce energy consumption.
  • Install a Security System – Taking extra safety precautions can help make your home safer. But, they obviously cannot provide the level of security that a proper home security system can. There are a plethora of security systems available on the market ranging from simple “Do it Yourself” systems, to state-of-the-art wireless monitored systems, which also double as home automation systems. This huge number of options means there’s a home security system for every size of budget and any combination of security features that are required.

However, always make sure that you do thorough research of your entire house and your neighbourhood before investing in a security system. This allows you to figure out your own exact requirements to meet you security goals. Then, finalize your budget and look for a system that fits your specifications within your price range.

The numerousamount of factors you have to keep in mind when it comes to home security can make the whole task seem very overwhelming. So, make sure to plan out the entire process first. Cramming a lot of steps together will only stagnate your efforts. Therefore, try tackling one step at a time. The tips that have been given above canguide you through each stage of the process. Having proper knowledge of the potential pitfalls and acting early to avoid them, is crucial for protecting your home and obtaining the right home security for your loved ones and lifestyle.

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