Top five Freelance Graphic Design Platforms

You may come across hundreds of freelance websites online, but of course, not all of them are great. So there is a dire need for a compilation of those worth consideration. Here we will introduce and discuss the top five popular Freelance platforms’ salient features to help you choose the right platform for you as a beginner in the field.


Also known as legiit,fiver, Upworkare the most popular freelancing platform around the globe. Making about 300,000 graphic and web designers available provides a trouble-free approach to freelancers for your graphic design projects.


  • It provides search filters to ensure the instant search of a graphic designer.
  • Its built-in work diary allows you to track the hours freelancers spend on your projects.
  • To cooperate with your graphic designer and share feedback, it has a built-in online workspace.
  • Upwork has mobile apps for Android and iOS to facilitate freelancers on the way.


Providing its freelancers to connect with the clients, Insolvo is a freelance marketplace. Encompassing a broad range of skills, it is capable to take care of any assigned task which can be performed remotely.

Whether you are running a business or you are an employee, student or an ‘ordinary person’, you can outsource any of the task you don’t want to do or lack time for that, its fine. Among many other freelance platforms, there are also test freelancers to help you in that simply to prove their skills. They need rating, and you can pay more for high-rated or more experienced freelancers.


Supporting small businesses by hiring graphic and web designers, Fiverr is a recognized freelance platform. It provides a convenient interface and a plethora of visual design categories. You have everything you may need. Fiverr has freelancers for any designing job ranging from a business card design to WordPress website design.


  • It is affordable for everyone as it asks no membership fee and starts offering at a mere $5 (that is why called Fiverr).
  • It highlights the seller level find the best-rated freelancer, quickly providing multiple search filters to facilitate its clients further.


A solely graphic design freelance platform, 99designs gathers freelancers for over 90 different design services, including designing a business card, logo design, website design, and much more.


  • It provides freelancers with three fixed price membership packages.
  • Freelancers on 99designs are well screened to ensure an ideal collaboration.
  • It allows you to conduct contests where you can select the freelancer with the best proposal.
  • It manages a 24-48 hours resolution time for all complaints and disputes.


Among many other best freelance platforms, Toptal is also the best freelance marketplace. It is a site that provides great selection choices as they are greatly concerned with whom they allow on their platform.


  • You don’t need to spend hours searching for and screening freelancers, as the Toptal team does this all.
  • Its freelancers are well equipped with advanced tools like Google Apps and project management software. Thus it is convenient to adapt to your preferred workspace.
  • It follows a strict screening procedure globally, thus only the top 3% featuring on their platform.
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