Top 9 Ludo Gaming App for Android and iOS

Ludo is one of the most popular board games that many people love to play in their free time. But now for fulfilling the needs of the modern world, the ludo game is available on your mobile phones as well in the form of mobile apps. This will help you in playing ludo with your family and friends even when you are not in one place. So, you see, now you can play ludo with your friends and family as well with great comfort and get interesting rewards also. 

After mobile accessibility, the main question that arises is if you and your family and friends have different OS in mobile, then how could you play a ludo? To answer this, here in this guide, we mention the 9 best ludo gaming apps that you can access or play on both iOS and Android platforms. If you want to develop an app like ludo, begin it by knowing about its features and ludo game development cost. This will help you in developing the best one. 

Best and Interesting Ludo Gaming Apps for Android and iOS

Ludo King

Ludo is one of the most popular board games used and popular gaming app that is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. This game has the classic ludo board which you can play on your mobile phones. It offers a special offline mode by which players are also able to play the game without an internet connection. It is the best option if you are finding the online ludo gaming app. 

Ludo is one of the most popular board games
Ludo is one of the most popular board games

Highlights of Ludo King

  • Offline mode available
  • 2 to 6 player capability
  • Receive daily rewards.
  • Online Chat and Voice call with your friends
  • Interesting Emojis chat available.

Ludo Game

Ludo is one of the most popular board games provides the best 3D effects which give an appealing user experience. This is also an online ludo gaming app that lets you play games with your far friends and family members. If you are looking to develop a ludo game app like this, you need to know about ludo game development cost and their features so that you can get the idea. 

Highlights of Ludo Game

  • Both offline and online mode
  • Amazing 3D effects
  • Play online and make friends.
  • Play with friends and family.
  • Play with regional players. 

Ludo Classic

Ludo is one of the most popular board games and Ludo Classic is another excellent Ludo game app you can download on your mobile phones. The game was originally launched for Android one but lately, it is also obtainable for iOS also. 

Highlights of Ludo Classic 

  • Random dice outcome
  • Online and offline mode
  • Play with family and friends.
  • Amazing themes
  • Connect with social media.

Ludo All-Star

Ludo All-Star is the most popular game in India that supports multiple users to play ludo games with their partners or friends. It provides the same features as other ludo apps. 

Highlights of Ludo All-Star

  • Regular theme update
  • Raid mode 
  • Undo feature 
  • Chat and make new buddies.
  • Daily spin rewards

Ludo 3D Multiplayer

As the name implies, it is a 3D game that allows multiple users to play at one time. It has amazing 3D graphics which makes it attractive and fascinates users. This UI design is the most important factor of ludo game development cost and Ludo is one of the most popular board games.

Highlights of Ludo 3D Multiplayer

  • Online and offline multiplayer
  • 3D graphics that gains attention
  • Daily rewards available
  • Connected with social media.
  • Invite friends.

Ludo Club

If you love to play online ludo then Ludo is one of the most popular board games ,this Ludo Club app is for you. You can operate this game on your Android and iOS devices without any problem. This app has many amazing features that you love and also consumes less data while playing.

Highlights of Ludo Club

  • Less data usage
  • Connect with social media.
  • Daily spin awards
  • Available both online and offline
  • Invite friends.

Ludo Star

Ludo is one of the most popular board games for iOS users. You can also play this game with random players and also get the opportunity to make new friends. By challenging your friends you can also earn more rewards. 

Highlights of Ludo Star 2019

  • Only for iOS users
  • Online and Offline mode
  • Earn extra rewards.
  • Attractive user interface
  • Social media integration

Ludo Family Board Game

Ludo is one of the most popular board games that is only supportable by iOS users. It is famous for its rich graphics and has similar features to other ludo gaming apps must-have. You can also invite your friends by sending them requests through the invite friends feature and also earn more rewards after winning. 

Highlights of Ludo Family Board Game

  • Invite friends and family members.
  • Social integrations
  • Daily login bonus
  • Amazing graphics
  • Both online and offline mode 

Ludo Party

Ludo Party is also an amazing game based on traditional Ludo board games. Ludo is one of the most popular board games arrives with fashionable 3D graphics with amusing animation to present it more interesting to its users. You can engage with up to 3 computer players. It also has energetic artificial intelligence to make your game appealing.

Highlights of Ludo Party

  • Free to use.
  • Offline and online mode available 
  • Play and make online buddies.
  • Amazing user experience
  • Available in different languages


Having a ludo gaming app that is available on both platforms is a good idea to attract users to your game becaue Ludo is one of the most popular board games. The users love to play games in their free time with their family and friends and this kind of amazing game gives the best opportunity to the businesses that they can gain popularity in the market. 

Ludo is one of the most popular board games ,If you also want to build your own ludo gaming app, you must have full knowledge about ludo app development cost, features, advanced features, and more. It is good to hire game app development company so that you can get the app’s best and unique performance to present to users. So get started with your idea and make your app known by everyone.

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