Top 7 weird things you can do easily with adhesive & acrylic tape

Tapes are one of the most used and also a versatile used products of our everyday household. You can make a lot of cool things with both adhesive and acrylic tape. From shoes or clothes to furniture and home decorations, you can use tape in the creation or repairing purposes. You can patch a leaking faucet with tape. Also, you can fix your cloth in an emergency moment. These tapes are available in different colors and shapes. Adhesive tapes are for one-sided use, but acrylic foam tape can be used on both sides.

Seven weird things you can make with tape

You can make many cool and fun things with adhesive and acrylic tape with just some basic skills. You need to know the craft of making sheets with tape and follow the tutorial step by step.

  1. Phone Case: You can design your phone case by using colorful adhesive tapes. You can use tapes of different shapes and colors in various patterns. You should use a sharp craft knife to snip tape carefully. You should be cautious about not putting any strain on the camera lens. You can make a lines design or flower design as you like.
  2. Pocket: You should thank adhesive tape manufacturers as making pockets using tapes is a childhood memory for many of us. This is very easy to make. First, you should craft an envelope pocket by sticking adhesive tape.  Then fold the sheet into a pocket shape then use some tape in the corners and sides as closures. You can use tapes of different colors to make it look beautiful. You can also create designs on the surface. These pockets can be used to collect coins, tickets, coupons, etc.
  3. Notebook Covers: You can personalize your notebooks or journals with tapes. At first, you should cut tapes like glitters and then stick them geometrically over a plain binder. You can also redesign it later if you like. It looks cool if you can give an excellent finish to your work.
  4. Bags: You can make a beautiful looking bag using the only tape that can be used to carry goods. First, take a plastic bag. Cover it using tapes around it. You can use different colored tapes to make it look nice. Then you can seal the ends with more duck tapes to make them strong. Then handles should also be made with duck tapes of identical design. Stick the handle with the bag by using acrylic tape. You can give a more beautiful touch by adding some decorative elements like flowers, stickers.
  5. Hammock: You can seriously make a hammock using tapes. It will be able to carry an adult person and hold it. One of the benefits of this hammock will be that it is waterproof. Videos of different colors will make them look attractive. You can use acrylic tapes in the middle of adhesive tapes to make the hammock thicker and robust.
  6. Tape arts/stickers: you can also create arts and stickers by using tapes. Tape arts looks awesome though it depends on the artist. But the stickers look cool. You can stick those stickers with your water bottle, drawers, pens, shoes, etc. As tapes will be used, so you won’t need any extra glue.
  7. DIY tape pastel rose: This is a fun project and an awesome thing to do in leisure. It is also good home decor.You can find a lot of tutorials on YouTube about how to make DIY pastel rose using tape. These roses can be a fantastic gift to anyone, even grandparents and teachers.
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