Top 5 Applications Which Can Help Students To Focus


Students !! What about Lessons after the Christmas holiday ?? 

Contemporary education is turning out to be a great challenge for students. Therefore focus and attention are one of the must-have elements to grab lessons. 

There are many elements that act to become impediments to students’ focus. Digital Apps are touted to be extremely effective in restoring and stabilizing the focus and attention of the student.

This article acts to focus on  5 such Focus building apps that aid Students. Besides these apps, there are different focus-enhancing softwares too and you could download them from the pirate bay .


According to Psychology, the dictionary Focus is one such term used to describe concentration that centers our attention on a single stimulus.

A wandering mind can not comprehend something easily. Focus is the hidden element in Excellence. If an individual has a lack of focus then they will find it extremely difficult to excel in some subject. 

Just like we perform physical activities in the Gym, we need to practice focusing on our own work. This is more like a mental muscle. 

In a research conducted at the Emory Universite by Wendy Hasenkamep, it is found that there are four basic moves in a minds workout:

  • Firstly,  your focus needs to be on the breath. 
  • Secondly, you notice whether your mind has wandered off or not. If it wandered then try it again.
  • Thirdly you will need to disengage from that particular train of thought.  
  • Lastly, you need to bring the focus back to the breath thereby holding it right there. 

The Five Applications That Could Help Students To  Focus

There are different apps in the market that helps student retain focus and Concentration. These Apps claim to be highly effective in helping out the students in their work. But it is not that all the apps are great. 

There are some apps that are really effective in intensifying the focus and concentration of the students. 

1. BrainFM

The particular app is prepared through collaboration between Developers, Musicians, and Scientists.

The first positive thing about the app is Cost. The app costs around $6.95 per month. With this very cost the product makes an extremely effective product.

There you will be given to choose the state of mind you want, whatever it be— Meditate, relax or sleep. Now you will have to select what kind of focus you want. 

After selecting the focus, you will have to turn the volume and it will start playing the music.

2. Tomato 

This app is also deemed extremely effective in keeping you nice and productive. This is based on the Pomodoro Technique. 

Here you need to divide the study into separate short sprints. Once the sprints are achieved there is a continuous reward system with regular breaks.

At the very end, it will display the total amount of focus and attention you compiled. 

The following app will allow you to have plenty of study breaks which helps students focus and concentrate hard.

3.  Freedom 

The main thing to study is self Discipline and self Commitment. Freedom is a multipurpose app through which you could be able to choose the apps that are extremely distracting to you.  

It will block the apps on your mobile for a certain amount of time. Now, do you have a continuous habit of checking your phone? If you do not have access to these apps you won’t be interested in checking your phone any further. 

4. Forest 

It is a reward-based app. Every time you set your focus, the app displays a seed. 

That particular seed will grow completely into a full-fledged plant as long as you are active in the app. If you keep your focus high, you will eventually have your virtual forest. 

5. Noisli  

This focus app helps create a calming background noise that helps you focus completely on your lessons.

This particular high-Quality sound helps you concentrate while you’re at work. You could sign in on Google for free. 

If you are working on your laptop,  you could act to select the playlist from there….the sound you particularly want for holding on to your focus.


All the applications discussed above are extremely effective for students. They have their own characteristics and features. 

Focus is one such element that contemporary students really lack. 

There might be different factors that harm focus and concentration, though these apps are proven clinically to be highly effective.

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