Top 3 Places to Start a Career in the Performing Arts

Top 3 Places to Start a Career in the Performing Arts

Ok, so you want to start a career in the performing arts, and nothing will stand in your way. That’s the best attitude to have in a highly competitive field. And, it doesn’t matter to you that non-paid artists outnumber professionals 30 to 1.

You made the first big step to focus on the goal. It’s a tough road, but you are ready to make that commitment. Now you need a place to start in the visual and performing arts.

So, if you want to know about three places to get your career started, keep reading. Here are the best places to embark on a great performing arts career.

Learn the Performing Arts

Have you made yourself aware of what is performing arts and all its facets? There are more forms than dance, singing, and acting. Performing artists find roles in the tourist industry, public speaking, and standup comedy.

So, keep all your options open while continuing to learn your craft. Study in the performing arts translates well to other professions too. Learning teamwork and gaining self-confidence are only a couple of benefits.

Professional artists gain more self-confidence with performing arts. And they learn to accept constructive criticism well. In addition, studies have shown that performing artists make better students.

3 Career Starters

Now, with education behind you, doors begin to open all around. But, of course, your career isn’t limited to working in a performing arts center. But that’s not a bad place to start.

1. Home Casting

Local performing arts theaters are always looking for new talent. The pay may not be what you’re looking for, but the exposure is helpful.

Gaining work experience is vital to moving forward. You might be working with amateur performers at first, but that gives you the chance to shine.

2. Go Off-Grid

As mentioned, performing arts roles can take on many forms. Look around for unconventional jobs in your area. Lots of museums and historical sites use actors to tell a story. What could be more fun than dressing up in a period costume?

Your performance will thrill new visitors every day. Plus, it’s a fun way to practice your craft. When a performance arts theater comes calling, you’ll be ready to step into a role.

3. Background Roles

Almost every small town or city has a center for the performing arts. And, though you might not get a stage part right away, there are plenty of opportunities. Search out places like for new performances often.

Many in the performing arts begin their careers as stagehands or behind-the-scenes helpers. However, assisting directors and producers can lead to other avenues you haven’t thought about.

Stepping Out

You have chosen a field with a wide appeal in the world. There’s no limit to where a performing arts education can lead. The important thing is to keep an open mind.

Embrace your craft with every role. Show off your professionalism and willingness to take on the task. And most of all, have fun performing.

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