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Any student is faced with the fact that he needs to do written work on the
computer. To do this, he must not only know how to use modern technology
(PC, printer), but also a number of special programs. One such important
software is MS Office Word.
Any student is faced with the fact that he needs to do a college essay, write an
outline or make a presentation on the computer. To do this, he must not only
know how to use modern technology (PC, printer), but also a number of special
programs. One such important software is MS Office Word.
Every student, the performer draws a term paper, scientific article, thesis or
other project in this application. On the one hand, it is fast, convenient and
standard, but on the other it requires certain knowledge and skills. Today, the
experts at Dishelp will tell you about some tricks that can help simplify your
work in MS Office Word.
What is it?
MS Office Word is a text editor that allows you to design any school, student,
graduate or other work according to certain requirements. To use it, the owner
of a PC will have to install a special program.
Today, there are more than 10 versions of MS Office Word. The standard
application is considered to be MS Office Word-2003. This is the easiest editor,
equipped with basic functions and tools, allowing you to design the text,
bibliography, references, footnotes, insert formulas, drawings, etc. It is quite
sufficient for writing term papers, graduation projects, research projects, etc.
But students prefer to use more modern applications of the latest modifications.
Before getting started, you need to create an MS Office Word document. To do
this, just right-click on the mouse and select “create – MS Office Word
How do I create a text document?
You can rename the created file at once, as it is convenient for you, and open it
with a double click of the mouse or by pressing Enter.

The first step is to create a text document.
A text editor will appear in the open window, and you can start creating your
Top 12 MS Office Word tricks that will make every “writer’s” life easier
Now we are going to give you 12 examples of how to simplify your work in MS
Office Word, regardless of its version. For the most part, all the tricks boil down
to the use of so-called “hotkeys”, but not all students and graduate students are
aware of their existence.
Changing registers.
Each of us has encountered the fact that he quickly typed the text without
looking at the monitor, but in the end, it turns out that he writes everything in
uppercase letters. What should I do? Will I have to delete and retype? Actually
no, it’s much simpler and harmless. First, press the “Caps Lock” key to switch to
normal mode (lowercase letters). Then select a piece of text and press
“Shift+F3”. Using this command you will quickly select the necessary case
(letter format: lowercase, uppercase, as in a sentence, etc.).
Cursor acceleration.
Sometimes you may need to go several paragraphs higher or lower in a hurry.
To do this, just press the necessary arrow on the keyboard, but the process itself
may seem lengthy: the cursor will move through each letter above. To speed it
up, press CTRL and the desired arrow, then the cursor movement will be much
Date and time.
If you need to put the date and time of writing a document, you can do it
manually by typing the right combination of digits or by pressing just 2 key
combinations. The time and date will appear automatically.
To set the date, just press Shift+Alt+D and Shift+Alt+T at the same time.
Select the whole text and separately in fragments.
To select all of the printed material does not need to select the mouse and flip
through all the pages. It is enough to remember a simple key combination

Ctrl+A. If you want to copy some fragments, press Ctrl and copy individual
words, sentences or paragraphs regardless of their position in the text. That way
you’ll copy only what you want.
Have you got difficulties?
Need help from a teacher?
We are always glad to help you!
It happens that the same word can have several meanings, and it all depends on
the correctness of its use and the placement of the accent. To avoid problems,
the author can put the accent in the text in the right (correct) place.
How to put the accent in a word
To do this it is enough to type a word, put the cursor after the letter where you
want to put the accent and press Alt769 or Alt768.
This method is most often used for “secret” documents, personal diaries or
simply important files to protect them from “unauthorized intrusion”, scrutiny
and correction. To do this, you can “password” a document using the following
commands: “File-Data-Encode Document” or “File-Prepare-Encode Document”
(the scheme varies depending on the version of Word), selecting the desired
type of protection.
How to create a document with a password?
The main thing is not to forget your password. Without it you will not be able to
open the document or restore it.

Oh, how many times has it happened that all of a sudden the power goes out (an
emergency in the neighborhood), and you don’t have a document saved. All
work goes to tatters (until the last moment of saving). But surprisingly, you run
the document (after the power is restored), and some of the material is still
saved. How so? The answer is simple: autosave. MS Office Word has one
amazing feature. “By default,” the document saves the information written in it
every 10 minutes, but this period can be reduced to 1 minute if you go into “File
Options MS Office Word – Save”.
Setting the “autosave” function
Tab instead of space.
If you need to offset text, you don’t need to do it with the space bar. Stick to a
different rule – tab (Tab key). If you use the space bar, the document as a whole
will lose its look, because it will be torn in absolutely the wrong places.
Search for the right fragment in MS Office Word.
Suppose the situation is this, you handed term paper for review (in hard copy),
the teacher indicated remarks in the text and you need to make changes. You do
not need to read the entire electronic version, just use the search box and enter
the desired words (the beginning of a sentence or a few words from it) to
quickly find it.
How do I find a particular passage of text?
Press Ctrl+F at the same time and a search window will appear where you can
both find and immediately replace individual fragments.
Checking your material for errors is easy. In particular, “Word” has a function
such as “spelling, grammar”, etc. All underlined words should be double-
checked, and if you click on them with the right mouse button, the program will
give you what options to replace it.
Page Break, New Sheet.
To create a new blank page it is not necessary to click “Insert – Page Break”, if
you are more comfortable using the keyboard, you can press Ctrl+Enter.

Cancel the last command.
It happens that you type and type the text, but then you accidentally delete the
thought you have written and can not formulate it correctly again. In this case, it
is enough to cancel the last command by pressing Ctrl+Z.

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