Top 10 Most Amazing Features of Marquees & Pop-Up Gazebos

The past few years have witnessed a massive spike in the sales of custom marquees and larger event tents for a very different purpose. With the sharp rise in the number of Covid cases in Australia and around the world, the demand for portable shelters to supplement available hospital space skyrocketed. 

In cities across Australia, healthcare centres were overwhelmed as waves of patients required oxygenation and intensive care. For triage purposes, custom printed marquees came in handy.

Some of the most famous manufacturers of branded gazebos in Australia joined hands in a show of solidarity and the worst peaks of the Covid wave were dealt with. 

This scenario started in mid-2020 and is still nowhere close to subsiding.

What most of us might have forgotten are the happier, the sunnier and the more carefree days which were the norm before the pandemic struck.

Then too, there was a steady demand-supply dynamic for custom marquees, but for very different reasons. They were intended for allowing Australians, and people worldwide, to have a good time at the end of a long day. 

Most custom printed gazebos were used for celebratory and business promotional purposes. 

Let us, for a moment, revisit those years and jot down why marquees and pop-up gazebos are so popular. Let’s also run you through the most essential and memorable aspects of these shelters.

The 10 best features of gazebos

Did you know that portable tents were used by the Roman Legions as they rampaged through Continental Europe? That’s how old they are!

Throughout history, these semi-permanent and mostly mobile structures have been used by Native Americans, various tribes in Central South America, and even the First and Second World Wars. 

In Australia, people have always been attracted to the outdoors. They adore their branded gazebos for a variety of reasons. 

Let us quickly run you through the top 10 reasons why such structures are so admired.

  1. Keeps the harmful sunlight away: It is no secret that the vast majority of cancers of the skin are caused due to excessive exposure to the Sun. Sunlight is one of the most precocious sources of Ultraviolet radiation. While only 10% of the total UV light actually reaches the surface (the rest being absorbed by the atmosphere), the frequency of the radiation is enough to change the nature of the exposed skin.

There are 3 types of UV radiation; of these, the UVC type is the most dangerous. It has been linked to several different types of skin ailments. To protect yourself, it is imperative that you invest in a high-quality branded gazebo. 

You can consider the range of marquees and pop-up gazebos manufactured by Extreme Marquees, one of the best-known companies in the business. Located in Australia, the company’s products are exported to the United States and most other countries. Note that they use UV-resistant canopies which will provide you with shade on a hot day and keep you safe! 

  1. Versatility is awe-inspiring: Whether you are considering large event tents or the smaller gazebos, you are bound to be astounded by the sheer number of ways in which these structures can be used. A high-quality custom marquee can be used for your kids’ birthdays, business meetings, weekend (local) getaways, dining spaces for a select number of guests, and so on.

This point has several offshoots which you will come across later. The one thing to remember is this: always invest in a durable and branded gazebo. If you take care of them well, they will provide far greater ROI than you would expect!

  1. Location problems? What problems? A branded marquee can be set up on almost any surface provided you have the tools and the skills necessary. Are you fond of hiking and tenting? You’ll get the required custom marquees at any reputed retailer. Or perhaps a trip to the nearest beach where you intend to spend a couple of days away from the city?

Of course. As we mentioned earlier, there are endless varieties of shelters available. They come in a lot of sizes. Check out what Extreme Marquees have on offer, for example. 

  1. Rejuvenate your business meetings: Let’s face it. Business meetings can often be lengthy, boring, staid and might appear to be a thief of time! It’s sad but true. But without meetings, your businesses simply won’t run as smoothly as you would like them to.

This Catch-22 situation can easily be solved by using custom printed marquees on your lawn or the patio, if it is large enough. Commercial marquees have the panache and the space to fit your guests, business partners, dignitaries, speakers and so on.

 If you feel you are running out of space, you can also add one or more marquees to the original structure. That way, you will also have enough room for food and recreational activities.

  1. Nature is your ally here: Guess what? Whenever you are out and inside a portable printed gazebo, Mother Nature will seldom act against you. If it is too warm, you can go for some R&R inside your precious shelter, allowing the cool night air to help you fight another day!

If it is too cold, you can easily select a sturdy star or arch tents which can withstand high winds. To give you another example, Extreme Marquees has a number of models which can stand tall even in the face of a squall. 

  1. Ensures privacy: One of the earliest reasons why tents gradually became more fashion than necessity is their aspect of privacy. You can enjoy a warm meal with your significant other, your parents, some close friends, besides any other companions you can dream up. It is certainly better than queuing up at restaurants, and all you need is a hired printed marquee.

If you enjoy entertaining guests often, you might even consider purchasing a branded shelter. 

  1. Get creative with custom printed marquees: Imagine the marquee you just bought is a blank canvas. Like a canvas, it is you who will bring it to a colourful product, your very own personalised masterpiece. When you purchase custom marquees with clear sides and roof, you can easily modify the colours based on what you desire. 

Feel free to add lights, speakers, karaoke boxes, handpicked chairs and tables; anything which you want to fit inside a large enough tent. This is an often-overlooked aspect of a top-notch shelter.

You are in charge! So, go on, don’t hold back!

  1. Well-chosen branded marquees can help hide unflattering details: When you buy a bespoke marquee big enough and attractive enough to attract attention away from the surroundings, it can and will make a huge difference. As your guests silently marvel at the beautiful custom printed marquee with its interiors decorated as per your tastes, even the most mundane or unflattering locations will get overshadowed!

The better the food and the hospitality you can arrange, the more successful this exercise will be. 

Just have a look at the “Pavilion at the Tower of London”, and you will get an excellent idea!

  1. More durable than you would imagine: Manufacturers like Extreme Marquees have a number of ranges that feature extremely durable printed marquees and smaller shelters. The pop-up gazebos and other products have metal skeletons which are powder-coated. This makes the frames immune to rust or weather damage.

Let’s consider the Pavillion series of event marquees from the company. The feet are made from aluminium, the connectors are steel, and the framework material is the extremely reliable high-grade 6063-T5 aluminium. 

In simple language, the metal is treated till it meets a global T5 standard of rigidity and mechanical strength. 

Tents do not get much stronger than this!

  1. Choose your custom accessories: You must have noticed how we are constantly insisting that you buy a branded gazebo. Well, there is good reason why we are asking you to. Unbranded, generic shelters are cheaper than their branded counterparts, regardless of which brand you choose. 

However, the latter might fail you in the moments you need them the most. You wouldn’t want your generic printed gazebo to collapse on top of your prospective investors during a business session, would you?

Branded shelters also come with an array of accessories and spares, each of which is made from the best materials. From PVC sandbags to full mesh walls, and from steel weight plates to awning hooks, eyelets and leg clamps, the choices are numerous. The possibilities of customisations are endless.

So, go ahead. Log on to the website of your preferred manufacturer of high-quality custom printed marquees, place your order with just a few clicks and enjoy doorstep-delivered. 

Most importantly, do your research and select the exact type of gazebos you require. This is crucial. 

After all, an investment in knowledge always pays the highest interest, doesn’t it?

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