Tips to Enjoy Superbowl Sunday

Tips to Enjoy Superbowl Sunday

If you don’t care about football, then the SuperBowl might feel like any other game. But, if you still got an invite to a Super Bowl party and are not willing to go, here are several ways you could still enjoy the SuperBowl.

Only watch the commercials: It doesn’t matter what your feelings towards football are, the commercials will always capture your attention. The Super Bowl is popular for having some of the most emotional and funniest commercials of the year, and they, undoubtedly, make the entire SuperBowl party more enjoyable. There are several most anticipated commercials this year, such as Amazon, Budweiser, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Google, Pringles, and M&M’s.

Take advantage of the snacks:

Since most SuperBowl parties offer lots of snacks, you should make use of it and stuff your face. Undoubtedly, food can be an entertainment source for any event. Therefore, if there is a particularly boring part of the game, simply get a handful of chicken wings or grab more chips and divert your attention with a food coma.

Be hyped for the halftime show:

The halftime show, much like commercials, is one of the most highly awaited parts of the SuperBowl. Justin Timberlake is the key performer this year. Typically, the halftime show takes about 45 minutes and is among the most popular performances of the year. For those considering attending next year’s spectacle in person, sourcing affordable Super Bowl tickets at TicketSmarter can ensure a firsthand experience of that electric halftime energy.

Come up with a drinking game:

There’s no doubt that everything can be tolerable with a bit of drinking. In case you don’t prefer watching football around a group of drinking people, consider coming up with a drinking game out of the occasion. For instance, take a shot every time there is a touchdown. Or take a drink every time somebody at the party yells or swears at the television. It’s a pretty simple way to have fun in the SuperBowl, regardless if you hate football.

Get well-versed with the football lingo:

You will often hear people shouting popular phrases on the television. Regardless if it’s downright hating the opposing team, ridiculing the coach’s strategies, or simply criticizing the referee, playing along with what others are shouting – or perhaps disagreeing with them – could bring more entertainment to the game, regardless if you have no clue what’s going on. I have several signature catchphrases, such as “What is going on, ” and “Open your eyes, ref!” According to getting involved in the game and placing a bet will ensure that you are enjoying it much more.

Have fun with your friends at Superbowl:

It doesn’t matter if you hate football, it is always fun to be surrounded by your closest friends, regardless if they are shouting at a TV screen. There is a high likelihood that you might find another person at the party who isn’t a huge fan of football as well. Talk to them and before you realize it, the game will be over.

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