When you walk into a restaurant, the first thing you get to interact with is the menu. Menus are the face of the business and often the first point of contact, physically or virtually. Menus can be described as the marketing influencers of your company.

Most often than not, a menu influences your decision of how much you want to spend at a certain diner or restaurant. The menu, if used strategically, is a primary sales tool. Menu cards describe dishes in an appetizing way, making it easier for consumers to locate and select dishes they want to try out.

In recent times, people have become more restless. Most customers want to order their food from the get-go, thereby increasingly demanding available-ready menus.

Leaving a lasting impression is the goal of every business enterprise, especially in the service industry and one of the first things your customer is going to encounter is your menu.

This begs the Question – A Menu holder or a Menu Cover?  

The Battle Between Menu Holders And Menu Covers

Menu holders are placements that make menus easily available to your customers. They are meant to hold menus that can be removed and replaced with ease. The Menu holders are for Menus that are short and precise, for example, menus for daily orders or specials. These Menu holders are also used as centerpieces as some are double-sided, three-sided, or even four-sided.

Menu Covers are used to house elaborates menus which span from 2-10 pages. Menu covers are best suited for formal and semi-formal settings because of their luxurious feel. They are menus in book-like styles and are meant to be read by customers. They talk about different dishes in detail.

Generally, Menu boards are used in every restaurant regardless of its formal, semi-formal, and informal setting. The Menu board is popularly used in cafes and small diners. The menu boards come in various exciting shapes, styles, sizes, and colors. Due to its flexibility, the Menu board is designed to suit your needs.

By understanding your Menu length, Menu Engineering, and Menu needs, you will be better informed while deciding between a Menu Cover or a Menu holder.


The Menu Holders or Menu Presenter are made of various materials to suit different types of needs.

1. Acrylic Menu Holders:

The Acrylic Menu Holder is used to frame Menu cards. It can be used for tabletop displays and centerpieces. The Acrylic Menu Holder is perfect for displaying limited dishes, special orders, themed messages, public messages; for example, wear your nose masks or wash your hands properly.

The Acrylic menu holders are efficient for passing short, uniform messages and giving their customers updates on new deals, discounts, or even a more efficient way of paying for their food.  

2. Clipboard Menu Holder 

The clipboard Menu holder is used to firmly hold menu cards or laminated menus in place. The clip menu holder is easier to handle by customers as the menu cards can be removed and replaced with ease. The clipboard menu holder can be used to keep customers engaged as they get to interact with the menu while deciding what food to order or waiting to be served.

Since the menu will be frequently interacted with, it is advisable to use durable materials when printing out your menu cards. The cost of periodic change of menu cards should also be considered while deciding on the type of Menu Holder to be used in your restaurant.

3. Wooden Menu Holder

Wooden menu holders are a classic way to hold menus and laminated sheets. Your menu cards are to fit your wooden menu holder perfectly as this type of menu holder lacks the inbuilt tension as seen in its counterpart.


After deciding the best fit for your restaurant between a menu cover and a menu holder and picking out the right material that fits and expresses your style and theme, the next step to consider is maintaining your menu Holder. 

If your menu holder is not properly maintained, you will incur more costs. Due to the important nature of the menu, you always must present your customer with one. So, if your menu holder constantly needs changing, extra costs will be incurred.

The good news: these menu holders can easily be maintained.

Although they come in various forms: wood, acrylic, and metal, and an even wider range of shapes and sizes, these menu Holders can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

After wiping these holders clean, all you must do is make sure that they are completely dry before placing your menu cards, as retained moisture could damage them. 


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