Three Common Reasons for Car Lockout and How to Avoid Them

In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, we forget to take proper care of our vehicles. Car lockouts happen when you have misplaced your car key, locked keys in car or lost it in an emergency situation such as breaking down. Understanding many potential causes of car lockouts will help you prevent getting locked out of your vehicle. If you’re unsure why this might be happening to you, keep reading for a couple of different reasons, as well as some preventative suggestions on how to avoid such situations.

Your Vehicle Is Broken In

If your vehicle is broken into while it’s left unlocked (even if it has a key fob or manual entry), a lock is put on the door so that nobody will steal anything from inside. As a result, it is next to impossible to get the door open again. When this happens, you can’t just break it or force it open and risk damaging your car. So what do you do instead? The best course of action is to go to the dealership for car lockout service and get them to remove the lock. Unfortunately, this will probably be a costly repair for you, so try not to let it happen in the first place.

You Misplaced Your Keys

In most cases, when you lock yourself out of your car, it means that you haven’t lost the key. It’s more likely that you can’t find it or got distracted and drove away without it. That’s why you should always keep a spare key in your wallet or somewhere else safe. If this is the case for you, the process of recovering from a locked-out condition is much easier than if your car has been broken into; there are several ways to get back into your vehicle quickly, so don’t panic.

Remove Your Stereo or Other Accessories

If you have a car equipped with accessories such as a stereo, air freshener, or cup holder, remove them. You may need to unscrew the cups, pull out the wiring and slide the stereo to remove it. If your car has an air freshener, remove the plug from where it is plugged in and remove it from the window. Now you can use that hole. If your car doesn’t have an air freshener, make sure you remove any other removable accessories before breaking in.

Find a Breakable Window

Look around your vehicle and find windows that are easy to break.

You Forget Your Passcode

The most common reason for a car lockout is forgetting the passcode. This is easy to do, especially for anyone who might be using a new phone or who hasn’t updated their operating system. Also, if your car locks up when you try to retrieve your phone from the passenger seat, it’s usually because you’ve forgotten the passcode. Many people without a passcode go through this scenario, so try not to get too stressed out about it. After all, if you can remember your phone number, you can surely remember your passcode. Alternatively, you can do a factory reset of your phone, which will delete all data and apps and erase all settings and passwords.

To conclude, you’ve now found a lot of information about what can cause car lockout and some of the ways to prevent it from happening. Hopefully this article has taught you some new things about car lockouts and how to keep them from happening.

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