Things You Need to Know About Child Support Post Divorce

Divorces are pretty common in the present era, and many couples with children also decide to break a marriage. There are multiple laws to ensure a secured life for a child whose parents have gone through a divorce in the US.

A child support attorney has the ultimate responsibility to check if the child is getting proper support. As per the law in the US, every child must get child support coverage from both parents till the age of 18.

Here are the key facts you need to know about child support after the parents have divorced. 

Considerations When Providing the Child Support Coverage

The following aspects are taken into consideration by the court while providing a divorced couple’s child with the coverage:

  • Total income of both the parents
  • Standard of living of the family and the history of divorce in both parent’s family
  • The custody of the child allotted to both the parents
  • All necessities of the child, like education, healthcare, daycare, and regular needs
  • Factors related to hardship for a parent

In case of a divorce, either one or both of the child’s parents can hire a child support attorney and settle the concerned matter legally.

Child Support and its Modifications

Once the legal format for child support is made, it can be further modified. However, you should never think that you can escape it. Your attorney can adjust your child support liabilities in unavoidable scenarios like disabilities, accidents, etc. It can also be modified if the child develops learning disabilities or any other mental abnormalities. 

Moreover, as a parent, you must convey the attorney accordingly if you hit a lottery as your child is liable to get a part of it. 

Escaping a Child Support Payment

Escaping a child support payment can be legally troublesome. You might end up in jail if you do it. The child’s other parent would always have the right to inform the court that you have failed to pay the coverage amount timely. 

In such a case, you might only get a chance to put up a petition to the judge via your lawyer. By doing so, you can avoid your legal punishment, but you would need to make the complete payment. 

Child Support for Non-Marital Couples

The laws of child support for non-marital couples are majorly the same as the married couples. If a non-marital couple has a child and they want to part ways, the mother gets a chance to tag a person as the biological father of a child. Otherwise, the court calls for a DNA test. The aim of both the attorney and judge remains to provide a child with the best security for a bright future. 

Final Words

If you are a parent planning to divorce your partner, thinking about child support can be your primary concern. Look for a child support attorney who can provide you with the best legal help at affordable rates. The best you can do is search for a lawyer from a local law firm, as it will be easier to communicate with him as the trial runs.

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