The top Landmarks of London

The most popular places of a city usually define the city, and London is full of them. If you’re planning a trip to London or to the Big Smoke, don’t miss these must-see attractions that include historical landmarks as well as modern architectural masterpieces.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most famous and renowned landmarks in London which has been part of many of the most important events that have occurred in England during the past 1,000 years, more than just an iconic backdrop. It has been a major royal residence and an important castle to defend and treasury and the most well-known prison in all the world, since its establishment in 1078 under the reign of William the Conqueror, during the aftermath of the Norman Conquest of England.

Prior to getting one of the most well-known queens and rulers in history, Queen Elizabeth I spent her worst time in prison alongside her arch-rivals within the Tower of London. In this prison where the two princes who were actually the only two individuals who hindered Richard III’s ascent to becoming King, disappeared. Guy Fawkes was imprisoned here and tortured until he admitted to the conspiracy. If you’re interested in experiencing the famous splendor of the Tower of London, it is recommended to visit by making reservations for Tower of London Tickets by contacting the Tower of London Tickets in advance.

Windsor Castle

The castle was built under its name by William the Conqueror in the eleventh century. Windsor Castle is the most populous and longest-running castle on the planet. The magnificent Windsor Castle is about a thousand years old. The queen enjoys going to Windsor Castle on weekends for a relaxing time in the castle. It is possible to visit the castle too. Find out how kings and queens were residing in the castle, and enjoy close-up pictures of royals. The castle was home to about 39 monarchs. It is also an icon of the British monarchy.

With its rich history, it is a must to make sure to book Windsor Castle tickets since it’s certainly worth visiting, as is The city of Windsor. The location is home to some of the most amazing art collections and its famous dollhouse, every turn is a pleasure to visit at this spot. The royal residence for Queen Elizabeth II is definitely an amazing work of art. Buy your Windsor tickets now and walk through the beautiful lawns. The castle hosts about 150,000 visitors each year, however, it is open to visitors since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The first guidebook on the castle was published in 1742. We’re here for you to help to plan your trip to this historic castle.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a classic London landmark that is among the most well-known structures around the globe. It was officially a London palace of the British monarchy since 1837 and is deeply connected to the royal family. Each year millions of tourists arrive at the palace’s huge and impressive gates, hoping to get a glimpse into the lifestyle that the monarch leads. The royal family often hosts guests from overseas and the ceremonies for knighthood have been held in the palace’s ballroom for over two centuries. This is the Victoria Memorial, which is located just outside the palace’s gates and is one of the most impressive sights that have given Buckingham Palace its identity as one of London’s top landmarks.

Palace of Westminster

The House of Commons and the House of Lords are both situated within the Palace of Westminster, which is the main political center of this part of the United Kingdom and makes it one of the most prominent attractions in London. This is the reason it’s commonly called”the” Houses of Parliament however the real title is known by the name of Westminster Abbey, which is close by (more on this in the near future). The castles for the family of royals were constructed on the spot and until 1512,

Westminster was the principal residence of British monarchs. The palace’s Elizabeth Tower, which is part of the palace, is considered an iconic London landmark. In addition, the gothic Revival style of its construction is now a major part of the global perception of the way London can be like. Big Ben is the most famous name that is associated with the tower.

Hyde Park

Duels, mega-concerts, Crystal castles. Political rallies as well as many relationships among squirrels have occurred there. Hyde Park is an iconic London famous landmark for locals and visitors alike. The vast park’s grounds, situated near Buckingham Palace, offer two gorgeous lakes, beautiful statues, and sculptures to commemorate important historical events, as in a plethora of flowers that will delight you.

The park first came into existence in 1536 when King Henry VIII, a serial husband, and hunter, purchased the park at Westminster Abbey to use as hunting grounds. The park was made available to the public just 100 years after (since it wasn’t a megalomaniacal monarch shouting and hollering at Foxes). It was soon included in one of the capital’s most desirable spots.

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