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The solution of belt conveyor deviation caused by falling point

0 Introduction

Belt conveyor is an important mechanical equipment in coal mine production. It has the characteristics of continuous transportation, high production efficiency, economy and convenience. Deviation is a common problem in the work of belt conveyor, caused by the equipment itself, but also caused by conveying materials. Generally speaking, the deviation problem caused by the equipment itself can be solved through maintenance or technical transformation, so that the machine can meet the factory quality standards; The deviation caused by materials is relatively complex, has nothing to do with the quality of the machine itself, and is generally irregular. It may be tilted to the left or to the right for a while, caused purely by the material itself. In the coal mine production, due to the change of the composition of coal, the increase of moisture or the change of particle size, it is often easy to cause the deviation of the falling point, which leads to the deviation of the belt conveyor. When it is serious, it is impossible to use the adjustment roller to fine-tune the deviation, which brings great problems to the production and equipment. Based on the research of belt conveyor deviation mechanism, this paper puts forward two kinds of treatment methods of belt conveyor deviation caused by the wrong falling point.

1. Analysis on the deviation mechanism of belt conveyor caused by wrong falling point

Belt conveyor is mainly composed of conveyor belt, roller set, driving drum, reversing drum ,the conveyor belt sealing rubber skirt and leakage groove, etc. It is a continuous transport machine with conveyor belt as traction mechanism and bearing mechanism, and drives the conveyor belt to move through the friction of roller and roller on the conveyor belt, so as to realize the function of material transportation. From the perspective of mechanics, the deviation of the belt conveyor caused by the wrong falling-point is ultimately caused by the imbalance of driving forces on both sides of the conveyor belt. If the material on the left side of the conveyor belt is significantly more than that on the right side, then the pressure of the material on the left side of the conveyor belt is significantly greater than that on the right side, resulting in the driving force of the roller on the left side of the conveyor belt is greater than that on the right side, and the conveyor belt runs to the left side. And vice versa. Under the ideal condition, the belt conveyor’s requirement for materials is to fan out in the center of the conveyor belt to both sides, so that the driving force on both sides of the conveyor belt is balanced, so that the operation of the belt conveyor is more stable.

2. Processing method of blanking point

The material is through the belt conveyor tail leakage groove into the conveyor belt surface, to make the material fall in the conveyor belt center, from the improvement of the leakage groove, there are two methods in the actual work at present: one is to narrow the leakage groove on both sides of the baffle opening, change the material, improve the use efficiency; The other is to change the baffle plate on both sides of the leakage slot to movable type. Can be selected according to the belt conveyor throughput, if the belt conveyor throughput is relatively stable, can use the first method, this kind of transformation operation workers less labor; If the throughput often changes, the situation of the blanking point is complex, the second method is generally used.

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(1) Narrow the baffle openings on both sides of the leak groove

Take the belt conveyor with a bandwidth of 1 m as an example. Under normal circumstances, the spacing between the baffles inside the drain groove is about 600 mm, and that between the baffles on both sides is about 700 mm. Both are made of Q235 steel, which is designed for conventional mass coal transport. In actual production, if the coal is not very large, the baffle plate on both sides of the drain tank can not adjust the material dropping point. Through field investigation and analysis, the spacing of the baffle inside the leakage groove is reduced to about 500 mm, and the material is changed to stainless steel; Reduce the spacing of baffle plates on both sides to about 600 mm. Through practical application, the expected effect is achieved, and the problem of belt conveyor running deviation caused by the wrong falling point is solved. Through the transformation of the leakage groove, the material can be reduced to the middle of the conveyor belt, so that the material is forced to fall, which can be a good solution to the problem of improper falling point. At the same time, because the internal baffle changed to stainless steel material, also make the blanking process becomes uniform and smooth, avoid the occurrence of full material and other situations. In practice, the opening size of the baffle can be adjusted reasonably according to the conveying capacity of the material to improve the efficiency of the baffle.

(2) The baffle plate on both sides of the leakage groove is changed to movable type

In view of the situation that the material throughput often changes and the material is complicated, the fixed baffle of the belt conveyor tail leakage slot can be changed into adjustable movable baffle. Specific transformation method: The upper part of the baffle is semi-fixed on the guide groove wall in the form of hinge, and the lower part is fixed on the tail of the screw rod through the nut. The end of the screw rod is horizontally welded with 20 mm and 200 mm long round steel as the handle. When the feeding point is not correct, the operator without any tools, by shaking the handle can timely adjust the coal baffle to the appropriate Angle, so that the conveying material falls in the middle of the conveyor belt, the feeding point is positive, the belt conveyor will not naturally run off. In addition, if the coal quantity is relatively large, in order to prevent the belt conveyor from blocking, the baffle opening can be enlarged to play a flexible adjustment role.

3 conclusion

The leakage trough baffle plate of belt conveyor is reformed to solve the deviation problem of belt conveyor caused by the wrong falling point, and the application effect is obvious, which has been well verified in actual production. The belt conveyor runs normally, the fault is significantly reduced, the wear of the conveyor belt is correspondingly reduced, the service life of the equipment is prolonged, and the maintenance cost is reduced. After the transformation, the work efficiency is improved obviously, the unit production power consumption is reduced, the energy is saved, the economic benefit is improved, and the labor intensity of the operator is reduced.

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