The mediterranean sea as a Holiday Destination.

The mediterranean sea as a Holiday sea Destination.

When it comes to deciding a holiday destination in the mediterranean sea, the choice became difficult. All most all of the nations in the Mediterranean basin have economies that rely heavily on the revenues of the tourism industry. So the competition is tough among nations like Italy, Tunisia, Spain or Greece, just to name a few. So why Are we going to talk about Sicily? Well, cause even though Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterranean sea and a week will not nearly be enough to see the whole of the island, you can find a unique cultural heritage and some breathtaking landscapes in a relatively small portion of the territory.

Sicily the pearl of the Mediterranean.

The island of Sicily does not require much of an introduction. Right at the centre of the Mediterranean sea, this island for the past three thousand years saw more than six different major civilization conquering his shores. Among others, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, Normans and Spanish left a significant trace in the history and architecture Of Sicily. This island has been inspiring poets, philosophers and artists since the 8th-century b.c.  The biodiversity found within the island of Sicily is phenomenal. Mount Etna and The Island of Stromboli are among the most active volcano on the planet. The coastline range from sandy shores to volcanic cliffs. The Alcantara Valley and the Nebrodi mountain Range display fascinating geology, and some of the most considerable wildlife you’ll find in the Mediterranean basin. The inner part of the island with the dry golden rolling hills is one of the most iconic images of Sicily. While the west coast around Trapani has the highest average temperature of the island and offers the most exotic landscapes to be found within Sicily. So when it comes to choosing a place of the island where to go and stay to discover the beauty of this corner of the Mediterranean sea, where should we stay?

Taormina between sea and Volcanoes

Choosing a place where to spend a week holiday on the island of Sicily can be challenging. We found that Taormina offers an Ideal compromise. This enchanting town on the east coast of Sicily has proximity to Fontana Rossa international airport, just thirty kilometres away and to four environmental jewels. The Aeolians island Unesco world Heritage, The stunning cristal waters of Marine park of Isola Bella, the geological Marvell of the Alcantara Gorges and a second Unesco World Heritage, the mighty Mount Etna. A tourist that choose to visit this part of Sicily can climb in the morning the 3340 meters of Mout Etna among fumes and explosions of the active craters and in the afternoon sail along the beautiful coastline of Taormina and Isola Bella, looking at Mount Etna from the blue of the Mediterranean sea while enjoying a glass of prosecco wine. The Hillside town of Taormina is nestled between the crystal waters of the Mediterranean sea and a series of bucolic hills, and the temperature is mild even in the winter months. This town encloses all the beauty of the Mediterranean lifestyle, the offer for accommodation is broad. At the same time, the nightlife is elegant and trendy. A new generation of young chefs has renewed the local cuisine. At the same time, some old “Trattoria” hidden in the narrow cobbled streets of the historical centre still offer more traditional cuisine. Along the summer season this Sicilian town host the international movie festival, a cool jazz festival and a book festival that on the last ten years has become of international importance. The Greek-Roman theatre offers some important shows hosting artist of international fame, while there is also an Opera season. But in just a week what arete top things to do in Taormina?

Number 1 Mount Etna wine tasting

Although this active volcano offers lots of trekking opportunities as much as mountain biking trails, we find- out that one of the best ways to discover the volcano is through a Jeep tour that goes to one of the many local wineries. A wine tasting tour around Mount Etna will allow you to discover some fantastic volcanic landscapes, visit some of the many mountain Villages on the flank of the volcano and to taste a selection of top quality wines along with a full lunch. The price for such a full-day tour starts at around €99. We found the best quality-price with Sicily Active a local tour operator.

Body Rafting at the Alcantara Gorges.

Just twenty kilometres away from Taormina there is a place rich in history and with some beautiful villages off the beaten path to be discovered; the Alcantara valley. This Geological marvel stretches from nine hundred meters above sea level at the south-west flanks of Mount Etna to the sandy shores of the coastal town of Giardini Naxos. The most famous part of this valley is the Alcantara Gorges, a Canyon formed from the flow of ancient lavas from Mount Etna. The 50 meters high walls offer a spectacular and wild landscape. Channelled inside the Gorge of the Alcantara flows a crystal clear river that offers an excellent opportunity to spice up your holiday with some adventure and adrenaline. If you are the type of person, who likes adventure excursions, do not pass on the body rafting and river trekking adventure at the Alcantara’s Botanical Park. Sicily Active for as little as €39 will provide you with a guide and all the technical gear to explore the most beautiful part of this fantastic Gorge. The one that not feels like going for the body rafting can simply walk the first hundred meters inside the canyon before going for a swim and then chill out at the river banks. Another place worth a visit is Castiglione di Sicilia, where there are good food, excellent wine, and important historical buildings.

Number 3 The Marine Park of Isola Bella.

The coastline of Taormina hosts four beautiful bays. Still, the most famous is without a doubt the one of Isola Bella. Just four kilometres from Taormina, there is a bay that encloses all the beauty that the mediterranean sea can deliver. The marine park of Isola Bella has high vertical limestone cliffs that plunge in the turquoise water, a stunning beach connected to a small island and the famous “Grotta Azzurra” Blue cave. The most common way to enjoy the four bays composing the marine park is through a boat tour departing from Giardini Naxos’ port. With a two-hour boat trip, there is time to stop for a swim, enjoy a drink with some fresh fruit, and enter two marine caves, the lover’s cave, and the Grotta Azzurra. A typical boat excursion between Giardini Naxos and the other bays of Taormina’s Coastline cost as little as €20. Other popular activities to visit the Isola Bella are, Kayak tours, stand up paddle, scuba diving and snorkelling tours.

Is this all Taormina can Offer?

The answer tot he question is No! The activities we have listed in this article are just the top three we liked while being in Taormina but rest assured there are many more tour and experience to choose from while staying in Taormina. Get in touch with Vera of Sicily active she will find the perfect tour to discover this beautiful corner of the island of Sicily.

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