NASA Memory Foam

NASA Memory Foam: Luxury Comfort for Your Sleep

You’ve probably heard a lot about memory foam mattresses by now, and the benefits that they can have for your spine and having a good night’s sleep. Foam has now made its way into pillows and comfort layers for a better rest. You may be surprised to learn that memory foam’s origin stems from NASA Memory Foam. Yes, the same organization that sent men to the moon is helping to send sleepers off to dreamland with ease.

Ever wondered how astronauts get a good night’s sleep in zero gravity? It is all thanks to NASA-developed memory foam! This technology has revolutionized sleep, offering pressure relief, spinal alignment, and back pain relief through mattresses, toppers, and pillows. NASA’s spin-off memory foam promotes better sleep quality by regulating temperature, minimizing motion transfer, and ensuring proper orthopedic support.

NASA Memory Foam Invention

Temper foam’s origins date back to 1966 when it was developed by NASA to absorb shock, offering improved protection and comfort for astronauts in their airplane seats. This material has lent itself not only to mattresses but has found itself being used by multiple manufacturers. With its ability to withstand significant shock, NFL teams used temper foam to pad their helmets to prevent head injuries and concussions. Automotives, amusement parks, and even modern art are finding the benefit of temper foam.

The foam bubbles within these protective layers are open, creating a matrix that air moves through. Higher-density temper foam softens in reaction to body heat, which allows it to mold to a warm body within just a few minutes. Advancements have been made to make temper foam more durable for use in aeronautics, providing greater protection at pressure points to brace in the event of an impact.

“Space Foam” Use

With more lines of industry finding the benefit of temper foam, you no longer need to be in zero gravity to experience what this product has to offer. One of the greatest examples is through products offered by Tempur-Pedic. Swedish scientists developed their material, building off the space-aged temper foam designs to create what was called TEMPUR material. Bobby Trussell, the company’s founder, first experienced this product while sleeping on a mattress during a visit to Sweden, knowing he needed to bring it back to the United States.

He brought home a neck pillow and mattress topper to delve into what more this durable product could offer. This TEMPUR material is designed with premium cooling technologies to allow for a sleeper to get rest on a surface that’s a few degrees cooler than they would on a normal mattress.

With a growing number of endorsements and testimonials, this TEMPUR Probreeze development has allowed for more breathability and greater comfort at night. With a leading mattress and topper from the Luxebreeze line, Tempur-Pedic continues to break the mold, by allowing the body to use this tempered foam for conforming and comfort in a good night’s sleep.

Breaking from Traditional Mattress Brands

Did you know NASA developed memory foam for astronaut comfort during launch?  That technology has come down to Earth, creating super comfortable mattresses that can cater to every sleep style, from side sleepers to back sleepers.  Whether you prefer innerspring, gel memory foam, or a luxury adjustable bed base, there’s a perfect memory foam mattress with rave customer reviews and long warranties waiting for you!

NASA Memory Foam

The Tempur-Pedic mattress is breaking down walls by going beyond ordinary memory foam and spring mattresses. Real product owners are finding that the mattresses and accessories brought forth with TEMPUR material are allowing them to have the best night’s rest they’ve had in quite some time. The shopping experience for these TEMPUR products has grown beyond the famous red wine test that showed that hitting certain pressure points on the mattress won’t cause spillage or disruption on another side.

You can look into your purchase amount online when looking for quotes on the time of TEMPUR mattress that may be right for you. Consumer testimonials are available to give you an idea of what these Tempurpedic mattresses, toppers, and other accessories have to offer for rest.

This consistent and durable foam provides the greatest resistance for aeronautics, but a great night’s rest for consumers looking to break from beyond springs and ordinary memory foam. Be sure to check out their website for more on their mattress models, and what could better your sleep.


While NASA wasn’t aiming for better sleep when they developed memory foam, their innovation has transformed our mattresses and pillows. This unique material cradles our bodies, reducing pressure points and offering tailored support.  From spaceships to bedrooms, memory foam’s journey exemplifies how space exploration can lead to unexpected benefits that improve our everyday lives.

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