The Global Market for Hydrophobic, Superhydrophobic, Oleophobic and Omniphobic Coatings

There has been increased research and commercial activity in hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, oleophobic and omniphobic coatings that demonstrate the ability to shed fluids quickly off of surfaces. Superhydrophobic sprays applied by the consumer are available in a number of markets including textiles and architectural coatings. The market also expanded over the few years in markets such as automotive, packaging, aerospace and especially electronics (for waterproofing).

They are characterized by very high water and oil contact angles and are applied to a wide variety of surfaces and substrates, imparting anti-fingerprint, anti-soil, anti-fouling, self-cleaning, anti-icing, anti-microbial, easy-to-clean and anti-corrosion properties. Other properties that have been incorporated include transparency and colour, anisotropy, reversibility, flexibility and breathability (moisture vapor transfer).

Hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, oleophobic and omniphobic coatings offer a multitude of industrial benefits including:

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Consumer electronics
Anti-fingerprint coatings for optical surfaces such as displays and touch panels.
Coatings that self-clean themselves from contamination by fingerprints, greasy smudges, makeup and other natural oils that are otherwise difficult to remove and which significantly deteriorate the view and appearance.
Hydrophobic and olephobic precision optics.
Encapsulation of moisture- and oxygen-sensitive electronics, such as OLED (organic light emitting device) lighting and displays, quantum dot films, photovoltaics, and flexible electronics.
Printed circuit board and semiconductor/semiconductor packaging.

Interior surfaces
Anti-smudge and non-stick stainless steel components.
Coatings for household appliances and surfaces to prevent mould, fight bacteria and hide fingerprints.

Dirt resistant and anti-soiling (glass, ceramics, metal) coatings.
Waterproof coatings for wood, stone, concrete and lacquer.
Protection against graffiti.

Consumer products
Anti-smudge coatings for eyeglasses.

Waterproof textiles and leather.
Stain resistant fabrics.

Medical and healthcare
Biocidal hydrophobic coatings.
Anti-microbial coatings for use in hospitals where the potential spread of bacterial infections creates a hazard.

Ice adhesion barriers.
Window panels in aircraft.

Automotive and transportation
Anti-fogging and self-cleaning glass.
Anti-stain and self-cleaning textiles in public transport.
Easy-to-clean and self- cleaning treatments for vehicle windscreens, headlights and wheel rims.

Anti-icing coatings on ship structures.
Bio-fouling prevention through super repellent, slippery surfaces.

Plastic with superior properties – weather resistant and hydrophobic.

This report covers:
Market segmentation.
Existing and new technology solutions.
Market drivers and trends.
Applications by market.
Global revenues, historical and forecasted to 2030.
Key players (Over 150 company profiles).

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