The Global Market for Anti-icing and De-icing Nanocoatings: Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Forecast up to 2030

Ice accumulation on surfaces is a significant global problem that incurs high costs and impairs functionality and safety. There are several methods to reduce the damage of ice\snow accumulation such as heating, mechanical deicing, use deicing agents or anti-icing coatings. Compared to other methods, anti-icing/icephobic coating has many advantages.

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The use of anti-icing (to prevent or reduce ice accumulation) and de-icing (to reduce ice adhesion) nanocoatings can have a major impact on:

improving safety.
reducing maintenance costs.
reducing energy consumption.
simplicity and convenience.
Applications on anti-icing and de-icing nanocoatings are found in:

transportation (aircrafts, cars, trains and ships).
wind turbines.
heat exchangers.
solar energy.
Arctic oil and gas exploration.
Report contents include:

Market drivers and trends.
Types of anti-icing and de-icing nanocoatings.
Global market size for anti-icing and de-icing nanocoatings.
Anti-icing and de-icing nanocoatings companies.

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