The Top Contenders: Exploring the Biggest Bearded Dragon Records

The Top Contenders: Exploring the Biggest Bearded Dragon Records

Did you know that the average bearded dragon size is 18-22 in?

While that may seem like a pretty standard size, some beardies out there have set records for their impressive size and unique characteristics. Just like humans, there are always outliers and some of them have broken records for their size.

In this article, we will explore the top contenders for the biggest bearded dragon records. From length to weight to coloration, these record-setting beardies are sure to impress. Continue reading to learn more.

Longest on Record

The recorded biggest bearded dragon measures an incredible 30.2 inches from head to tail. This title belongs to Hulk, a beardie owned by Mike and Liz Eddy in Pennsylvania.

Hulk was measured in 2009 at the East Coast Reptile Super Expo and has held the record ever since. He is a stunning Sandfire x Red dragon with vibrant orange and red coloring.

But what makes Hulk even more impressive is that he was a rescue. The Eddys adopted him from someone who could no longer care for him properly. Despite his rough start, Hulk has thrived under their care.

Heaviest on Record

The heaviest dragon on record is Big Bob, weighing in at 1.5 lbs. This was determined during the 2009 Reptile Super Show in San Diego, California.

Big Bob’s weight may seem small compared to other animals, but for a dragon, it is quite hefty. The biggest bearded dragon species typically weigh around 1 lb, making Big Bob significantly larger.

His owners, Matt and Angela Winstead, credit his size to a healthy diet of insects and vegetables. They also make sure he gets plenty of exercise by taking him on walks outside.

Most Colorful on Record

Bearded dragons come in a variety of colors, but one stands out above the rest – Morph. This dragon is the most colorful beardie on record.

Morph’s unique coloration is a result of selective breeding by his owner, Cody Gifford. He has a striking mix of oranges, yellows, and purples that make him truly stand out from other beardies.

Cody also takes great care in ensuring Morph’s health and happiness. Despite being bred for his unique coloring, Morph is still a healthy and thriving dragon.

Oldest Male on Record

The title of the oldest dragon goes to Sebastian, who lived up to the ripe old age of 18 years. This is quite remarkable given that the average lifespan of a captive bearded dragon is around 10-12 years.

Sebastian’s longevity is a testament to the diligent care provided by his owner, Lisa Smith. She ensured that he had an optimal diet, plenty of enrichment, and regular veterinary checkups.

Check out this bearded dragon food list to make sure your beardie stays healthy and lives a long life. This will also help them to stay at a healthy weight and grow long.

Smallest on Record

In contrast to the giants we’ve discussed, the smallest dragon on record is Tiny Tim, who measures a mere 8 inches in length. Tiny Tim is a miniature dragon, a rare condition that results in a smaller size than the average beardie.

Despite his small stature, Tiny Tim is a healthy and active beardie, loved by his owner, Emily Green. She makes sure to provide him with a nutritious diet and plenty of space to roam around.

Youngest Breeder on Record

The youngest dragon breeder on record is Daniel Smith, who started breeding beardies at the age of 12. Daniel’s passion for these creatures led him to learn about their breeding cycles, care requirements, and genetics at a young age.

His dedication has made him a young role model in the bearded dragon community. He has even written a book on beardie breeding and care, sharing his knowledge with others.

Oldest Female on Record

The record for the oldest female beardie goes to Bella, who lived to be 20 years old. Bella’s record-breaking age can be attributed to her owner, Sarah Clark, who provided her with consistent veterinary care, a balanced diet, and plenty of love.

Bella also holds another record, as the longest-lived dragon on record overall. Her remarkable lifespan is a testament to the proper care and dedication of her owner.

Most Offspring on Record

Usually, a bearded dragon can have up to two clutches of eggs per year, with an average of 15-20 eggs per clutch. However, the dragon with the most offspring on record is a female named Daisy. Daisy, owned by Tom and Jenny Thompson, has produced an impressive 30 eggs in a single clutch.

She has also had multiple clutches in a single year, resulting in over 100 offspring. This is quite remarkable for a dragon and shows that Daisy is a strong and healthy breeder.

Brightest Beard on Record

The brightest beard on record belongs to a bearded dragon named Sunburst. His beard is an extraordinarily vibrant yellow, making him stand out among others in reptile shows.

Sunburst’s owner takes great care to maintain his unique color through a balanced diet and plenty of sunlight. This fancy bearded dragon has earned him quite a following on social media, with many admirers of his striking appearance.

Most Spots on Record

The bearded dragon with the most spots on record goes to Dottie, a female with an impressive 62 spots covering her back and tail. Dottie’s unique pattern draws attention in the bearded dragon community and is a favorite among reptile enthusiasts.

Her owner, Mark Davis, notes that Dottie’s spots seem to change and evolve as she grows. This makes her a constantly fascinating creature to observe.

Longest Tail on Record

The record for the longest tail on a bearded dragon goes to Tails, who has an amazing tail length of 15 inches. Tails’ exceptional tail length is a result of his unique genetic makeup and has been verified by herpetologists.

His owner, Karen Johnson, makes sure to give him plenty of space to use his impressive tail for balance and agility. Tails’ record-breaking tail is a sight to behold.

Biggest Bearded Dragon Records: Breaking the Norm

These biggest bearded dragon statistics show us that there may be so much extra to these creatures than meets the eye. They can be available in all shapes, sizes, colorings, and patterns, each one specific and unique in its way.

Whether it’s through selective breeding or without a doubt a fortunate genetic mutation, those record-placing beardies are a testimony to the range and splendor of bearded dragons. And with their astounding lifespans, there is no telling what other statistics they’ll break within the destiny.

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