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The Best PDF Password Remover to Remove Restrictions from PDF

Adobe developed portable Document Format (PDF) in 1992 to offer documents independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. Due to their versatility and ease of use, PDF has become immensely popular for business and personal use. However, in day-to-day use, we have all faced hurdles in file-sharing or accessing PDFs that are password protected.

Today we’ll look at one such handy app called “aJoysoft PDF Password Remover,” developed by professionals who know how difficult it can be to remove those annoying passwords!
aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is an app that removes passwords from PDF files while leaving the original data intact. It works by eliminating password protection on PDF documents and then allowing you to read the files normally with no issues.

The Introduction of aJoysoft PDF Password Remover

aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is a tool that can crack passwords of various kinds of PDF files. It can bypass common password algorithms such as MD5, SHA-1, DES, and other popular algorithms.

Let us consider some scenarios while using a Password protected document

  • You may have received a PDF document or file that you cannot open.
  • You tried opening it, but it says that you do not have permission to access it.
  • Or you want to know what is inside the document without paying a steep fee for it.

If you answered any of these scenarios in the affirmative, you are looking for ways to remove the password protection from the PDF file before you can view it. After a thorough search online, reading reviews, and comparing features and cost, I zeroed down on aJoysoft PDF Password Remover tool. It has become one of the best free PDF password remover in 2022. It allows you to unlock PDFs to edit, copy, and print. In addition, you can use this tool to open PDFs that are password protected. The program will enable you to extract passwords from PDFs and remove them easily.

aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is a professional PDF security tool that unlocks and removes encryption from locked documents easily and without restrictions. Do not put restrictions on how you can edit or copy your documents; make them as flexible as possible! For example, with just one click, you can unlock passport-protected PDFs.

aJoysoft PDF Password Remover allows editing and printing restricted files without needing an Owner or Master password. In addition, it works with all versions of Adobe Reader, so there are no worries about it disrupting your workflow!

To understand PDF Passwords, it is imperative to realize that they are complex, and I would recommend using multi-layered encryption. Passwords are usually assigned to PDF files in two distinctive styles: Open and Permission.

1.    Open Password

  • “Open Password,” aka a user password, requires entering the password before opening a PDF document.
  • A PDF file which is protected with an open password cannot be accessed by any means other than by typing the password. 

2.    Permission Password

  • User permission passwords enable users to access PDF files without making significant changes to existing ones. This password prevents the PDF from being copied, edited, or printed in any way.
  • A permission password can be considered a Master password because it grants users quick access regardless of the size or origin of the PDF.

KEY FEATURES OF aJoysoft PDF Password Remover:

Remove the password restriction

  • Password-protect your PDF files – If your PDF does not contain an Open or User password, then PDF Password Remover will not display a lock icon against it.
  • When you click “Remove Password,” all restrictions are immediately removed and you can print, edit, and copy the document.

You can permanently delete the user password (open Password) by entering the Password a single time

  • An open or user password will lock the PDF, and you will see a prompt that says: “The document has an open password. Please enter the password.”
  • For unlocking it, you will need to enter the current authentication code.
  • Just click ‘OK’ after entering your new PIN and you all set! There is now no longer any lock screen as before that blocks access to the PDF, making it easier for you to view its contents onscreen
  • To remove all passwords, click “Remove Password” and click “Save”
  • Your PDF is now password-free

Delete PDF documents’ passwords in bulk

  • You will be able to use this program to unlock your PDFs individually or in batch mode, which is a time-saving feature because this program will unlock multiple PDFs simultaneously!
  • The program supports encryption batch jobs, so you can open as many files simultaneously as you wish.

Documents in PDF format have no file size restrictions

  • For those who need unlimited file creation with no size limitation, aJoysoft is the perfect alternative.

Unlike online solutions, this method is more secure.

  • Considering the sensitive nature of our documents, we should never upload them to an unreliable online solution. Using the safe and secure aJoysoft PDF Password Remover, you will be able to prevent unauthorized viewing of your PDF documents.


This is an easy to use and affordable tool that can be used on both Mac and Windows operating systems, with a simple GUI, perform password removal tasks at lightning speed, manage multiple files at once via batch uploads, and is virus-free!

It has many functions such as the ability to remove the password from PDF files without knowing the password or removing permissions so you can open other people’s PDFs with ease!

With aJoysoft PDF Password Remover you can remove any password from any kind of pdf file using advanced methods. I really like this tool for removing passwords from PDF files. I have tried several other password removal programs but aJoysoft is the best one so far in terms of ease of use, effectiveness, and low cost.

You can have a go at this Free trial offer! Remove restrictions from PDF now.

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