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This article will bestow upon you the criteria for evaluating the best moving company for you. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada; therefore, I will be using Move 4 Less Nevada as an example to benchmark all the criteria I provide because I used their services during my last move. I understand that you might be in another corner of the country, and I will not be able to 

Registered Moving Company 

You do not want to get into an agreement with a moving company that is not registered. Just in case things go wrong, they will go so wrong that you won’t be able to get your stuff back, at least for a long time. Therefore, try not to contact an unregistered company no matter the discounts they advertise. It is not going to do you any good. 

Move4less is registered; therefore, it is safe to get their services. There will be a couple of moving companies in your area, and you should only consider the ones registered.


Good moving companies give insurance to their customers. They will be liable for the replacement value of any belonging lost or any goods damaged. Move4less offers its customers complete protection as well, and to be honest, this puts the customer at ease. As stressful as moving can be, insurance of their belongings gives them peace of mind that the movers will handle their belongings with care, and they are covered by insurance if something unfortunate happens. Therefore, try to look for companies that offer insurance, especially if you have valuable possessions with a higher than average chance of being damaged during a move.


There are ten other costs during a move before the cost of moving, and I am not entirely comfortable with paying unnecessarily high prices to get my stuff moved. I would instead rent a truck and move things myself. I understand that the moving company will save a lot of my effort, but if they overestimate how much I am willing to pay to reduce my efforts, I will not contact the company. Move4less is affordable, and they are generous when it comes to giving customers their storage facility. I had to hold my belongings in storage during the last move because the apartment I was moving into was not vacant yet. Move4less took care of stuff for no added cost. I find it hard to believe that other companies will do this, but the idea is not to ask you to wait for discounts. Instead, you should simply evaluate the movers’ offerings with their price quote and try to get quotes from a couple of movers so that you can make an informed decision.

Professional movers

I don’t mind talking, but I could really do without it. I like it if the staff is friendly, but I need them not to bother me too much. I just need to get over with the move to begin settling in a new place, and I need the moving company to be swift and professional throughout the move. This is where online reviews might help you decide the best moving company for you. Try to visit third-party websites like Yelp and Google Maps to find out the moving companies’ reviews surrounding your area. If you read a couple of reviews, you will determine which is the company that best meets your needs. 

I will always advise you to make your decision patiently and plan things beforehand so that everything is precisely the way you want. Moving can be stressful, but you can make it bearable if you make your decisions rationally.

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