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The Best and Largest Vape Store in New Zealand & Australia

Shosha New Zealand & Australia, both of the best vape stores in their own country, offer various e-cigarettes, vape juice, and E-liquid. Only read this if you are over 18 because vape & vape NZ, e-liquids, etc., are not allowed for individuals under 18. Let’s go further, many other stores are providing these products, but Shosha NZ and AU have proved themselves one of the best stores to buy E-liquids, Vapes, and vape juices. There is no compromise on the quality of vape & vape AU.

Shosha provides the best-extracted products with fantastic taste and texture. The names e-liquid, vape juice, vape, and vapor juice are the same names for one product. The product comes with different flavors and different nicotine levels according to demand.

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Best Vape Store in New Zealand and Australia

Many companies are known for producing high-quality vape and vape products, but Shosha has proved itself the best company in New Zealand and Australia. The quality of products makes the company the best among others. Flavors, a variety of vape products, and beautiful packaging attract customers. The company is not only offering vape liquid or vape juice; it provides a variety of products, including:

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  • Hookahs
  • Smoking products
  • Pods
  • E liquids etc

Many different flavors are available in the store for vape and e-liquids, including:

  • Tobacco flavours
  • Fruity flavours
  • Desert flavours
  • Berry Flavors
  • Paanz Flavors
  • Menthol flavors
  • Beverage flavours
  • Nutty
  • Creamy
  • Bakery

These flavors are available in both nicotine salt and nicotine-free.

The Ingredients

Vape and Vape juice are products with different ratios of VG or PG. E-juice or vape juices are used to create vapors; therefore, they are also called vapors sometimes. The fluid used in the vape juice is used to create vapors. E-liquid comes in different flavors, as mentioned above, with varying levels of nicotine. You can also choose with zero nicotine option.

Vape juice or e-liquid is prepared from propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, in addition to food flavoring, water, and nicotine. Nicotine-free is made by adding all other ingredients except nicotine. The food flavoring that is added to the e-liquid is the same as the food flavoring used in products like ketchup, ice cream, salad dressings, etc.

The ingredients, Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), equally distribute nicotine in the liquid, thus preventing the wrong accumulation. Discover a haven for vape enthusiasts at the Vape Store. Elevate your experience with the 3 CHI Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge, known for its quality and potency. Unleash a harmonious blend of convenience and satisfaction.

Choosing an E-liquid

Choosing an e-liquid is a tricky thing sometimes, especially when you have to choose without nicotine. You have to choose the one vape system that can satisfy all your needs when you love to use vape or vape juice in NZ and AU. You should have enough knowledge about vape, vape juice, vape NZ AU, etc to choose the best product for you.

If you want to buy the product only for some taste, you should know about the favorite flavors. You should also consider the PG blends which are more tasty and flavorful. Products with nicotine have enhanced flavor, but not everyone chooses the vape with nicotine. You can also try the samples to select the best flavor for you.

If you are going to buy vape to quit cigarettes, then you have to choose different e-liquid or vape juice with higher levels of nicotine. It would be best to choose a vape with a high nicotine level, which can slowly cut your nicotine demand, thus preventing you from cigarette smoking. It can help you to satisfy the nicotine cravings by adjusting the levels. You can switch from a cigarette to a vaporizer. Vaporizing is much better than smoking, so you can choose a vaporizer to satisfy your smoking cravings.

The law About Using Vape

The new laws about vaping have been implemented since 2020, and according to the Laws of New Zealand & Australia, vaping is legal. The government has announced to legalization of vaping, but it is not allowed for individuals under 18.

According to the law, the stores that cannot meet the specialist vape retailers’ threshold will sell only a few flavors. Others can sell all of the flavors. Products like a white fox, which is like a nicotine pouch, have been banned, but vapes are allowed as they are harmful and reduce smoking alternatives.

The Shosha Store

The Shosha store is the legal store to sell vape, vape juice NZ AU, etc in New Zealand. They are only allowed to sell the products to individuals under the age of 18 years. There is no compromise on the quality of products therefore shosha is known as the best store to sell vape, vape juice, and e-liquids. E-cigarettes are better than traditional cigarettes.

Shosha is known to provide smoke-free products if you want to buy vape and vape juices. The authorities of Shosha are known to provide high-quality products with versatile flavors and stock of the world’s best brands.

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